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Activity scenery of after school business of Izumi Ward primary schoolchild

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Last update date August 21, 2020

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It is kids club after school

It is kids club after school Nishigaoka Elementary School

Other than free play, we value at time to play together.
Dodge ball and game to move body. Origami and work that we accepted in season.
We go for excursion during long-term closure.
Children are comfortable and aim at kids club having you think that it is fun.
Address: 3-12-11, Nishigaoka, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 814-1565

It is kids club after school Shimbashi Elementary School

Which "let's be brought up together" which "let's recognize difference", "great, let's taste this" with childcare aim as for the protector together Oyama mountain climbing, parent and child barbecue
We enjoy and take in play every season in the old days such as game meeting and begoma or Kendama that children talk about content and decide.
Address: 909, Shinbashicho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 811-2556

It is kids club after school Izumino Elementary School

In school, we made warm room which was in house.
Child who comes there home more than 80 people.
Other than free play, there are many events. It is excursion and production and food education that product eats snacks or lunch.
Pleasant toadyism meeting!
Address: 6211, Izumicho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 804-7255

It is kids club after school Kamiiida Elementary School

It is children whom it loves to play in school grounds on both hot day and cold day.
Soccer in particular and unicycle are popular, and both the lower grades and the upper grades are idle amicably together.
We perform exchange meeting regularly with Izumi nursery school in neighborhood and we play with children of nursery school and eat lunch and,
Child of first grader becomes older brother older sister on that day and moves into action.
Address: 1331, Kamiiidacho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 805-0987

It is kids club after school Ryokuen east Elementary School

The Ryokuen east small kids part in two places of gymnasium or school grounds, kids' room and are playing.
One of the things which children love has overseas board game.
We are crazy about game that contents are interesting, and is colorful. Won, is uproar as lost.
In addition, we perform mini-fair and playing in the water, the making of Japanese confectionery of the Doll's Festival in summer vacation depending on season.
Address: 5-28, Ryokuen, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 813-2555

It is kids club after school Kazurano Elementary School

Kids have three places of idle places.
In kids' room, drawing and game are reading book again.
In gymnasium, we are doing ball play, paper airplane play.
In school grounds, we are playing soccer, baseball.
Aim of kids works in motto in "let's play to everybody happily well amicably easily".
Address: 5-15-1, Nakataminami, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 805-2527

It is kids club after school lower Izumi Elementary School

We love outside play, and cheerful full children are gathering kids.
Upper-class student leads lower-grade student and enjoys dodge ball and relay together every day.
We cook vegetables in field in school and make pork miso soup with daikon with potato in curry and rice, winter in summer and perform harvest festival using day at compensatory day off.
It is very popular event every time.
Address: 1436, Izumicho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 803-0554

It is kids club after school Izumi Elementary School

We started as kids club, and it was the fourth year after school.
We are powerful more and more and are playing in the outside and gymnasium.
We challenge work classroom, handicrafts classroom.
We value play that we matched in season.
Address: Izumi, Izumi-ku center north 1-31-13
Telephone: 804-5100

It is kids club after school Okazu elementary school

"Non profit organization child who likes an outdoor life kurabu" runs from April 1, 2016; switched to "kids club after school".
Cheerful voice sounds through room where it became afresh every day.
We make a lot of friends, and let's play happily together.
Address: 2311, Okazucho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 811-9993

It is kids club after school medium Wada south Elementary School

The laughter of children always sounds through the medium Wada south small kids.
There is favorite play of children with tag, dodge ball block, origami, bingo plastic van, coloring, piano, senryu ... a lot.
We provide pleasant amusement place in consideration for security.
Address: 987, Izumicho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 802-7862

It is kids club after school middle Wada Elementary School

In the one of middle Wada Elementary School, very cheerful children come to true child to play in great numbers every day.
With various characteristics including Matcha, handicrafts, tea bass every season made with new pupil reception, slime work.
We devise to be able to spend regularly as long-term rest has a long activity time.
Address: Izumi, Izumi-ku center south 4-9-1
Telephone: 802-2919

It is kids club after school Higashinakada Elementary School

The strict staff sometimes works in motto by "the making of amusement place where we are safe and are fun for children" easily.
In addition, in kids' room and school grounds and the gymnasium which are focal point,
We make an effort to provide place feeding social nature, independence, originality through interchange of children.

Address: 4-43-1, Nakatahigashi, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 805-1814

It is kids club after school Iida north ginkgo elementary school

Well! Happily! It moves into action lively every day.
Pla-rail, origami is popular among outside play in soccer, unicycle, sandbox play, the room.
We adopt play and event that we accepted in season. Cat's cradle and "the old days play including top mawashi are popular, too".

Address: 3795, Kamiiidacho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 802-8347

Nakata Elementary School kids club

Nakata elementary school is school where school grounds are blessed with very naturally widely.
Children of kids start running lively to school grounds and log open space.
In summer vacation, figure absorbed in cicada collecting is seen.
In refreshing hall, we are playing coloring and origami, Lego and game happily.
It is Nakata native of smile lively.
Address: 4-4-1, Nakataminami, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 802-8357

Ryokuen west Elementary School kids club

Child about 60 participates in motto in "we play outside well" every day.
"Unicycle" "soccer" is popular and holds "unicycle lesson" by one person club team in spring, autumn.
Child who was tired from play is reading reading such as "worth buttocks Zorro re" "ghost story restaurant" with favorite figure in place to stay that redecorated office.
Address: 3-39, Ryokuen, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 811-6497

Iseyama Elementary School kids club

By outside play, it is unicycle and ball play, sandbox. In the room, the making of ornamental scented ball, domino, coloring are playing eating house game shops Carino, Lego, origami freely.
Seasonal decoration work classroom of idea perfect score of the staff is looking forward to with what "we begin to make how long", too.
Address: Izumi, Izumi-ku center south 2-27-1
Telephone: 804-5757

After-School Care Program Clubs (Schoolchildren's Day Care)

Nakata schoolchild nursery school Ohisama club

Neighborhood school: The Nakata small, the Kazurano small
Ball play and tag climb a tree every day and, adjacent to Nakata fifth Park, enjoy.
We go for camping, pool movie viewing in excursion, summer vacation in substitute holiday of school.
Children look forward to the events such as bazaar, genius meeting child Festival of play and it is independent and works.
Address: 3-14-1, Nakatanishi, Izumi-ku gold-banded lily Nakashita community hall
Telephone: 802-9898

Ginkgo second schoolchild nursery school

Neighborhood school: The Iida north ginkgo small
We "just" come home in loud voice well.
We make gokko play and spend baseball and dodge ball, kickboard without the outside, room relations with all as soon as we finish doing our homework.
We are doing favorite dodge ball after snacks together.
Address: 3490-48-103, Kamiiidacho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 301-1444

Nakatahigashi schoolchild nursery school taiyo club

Neighborhood school: The Nakata small, the Higashinakada small
Of Nakada Station is directly overhead immediately. We play walk, S Ken and soccer to Shirayuri Park for around five minutes on day when it was fine and are playing.
We do top and shogi, handicrafts outside because of rain in room when we are wrong and spend.
We do all play with one a week and are doing genius meeting of bazaar and play.
Address: 3-1-3, Nakatahigashi, Izumi-ku third Miki Building 201
Telephone: 805-3510

Minami Nakata Schoolchildren's Day Care Tokoro club

Neighborhood school: The Nakata small, the Higashinakada small
It is Schoolchildren's Day Care which divides from Nakatahigashi schoolchild nursery school taiyo club, and was made.
The first floor of 2-story building is childcare space. We do our homework in kitchen which the second floor is like common house, and makes snacks and room playing calmly and use when children hold a meeting.
On day when it was fine, we give up with dodge ball and S Ken, unicycle or swing in Nakata ninth Park right behind the club and move body.
There is dance group, too.
The sum drum practices jointly with taiyo club, too and is going to appear on event.
Address: 2-1-29, Nakataminami, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 435-5310

Lower Izumi After-School Care Program Clubs (dandelion club)

Neighborhood school: The lower Izumi small, the neutralization field south small
Dandelion is full of cheerful voices of children.
Whatever you do, there is friend here. Children enjoy event that protectors such as handicrafts and work, seasonal event, camping and Christmas society participate in together.
It is place where many bonds make big ring in everyday life.
Address: Izumi Ward lower 5-19-12, Izumi
Telephone: 803-0311

YMCA Yamatedai after-school child day care

Neighborhood school: The Nishigaoka small, the Kamiyabe, Totsuka-ku small, the Torigaoka small
We value a "consideration" "faithfulness" "sense of responsibility" "respect feeling" in all scenes.
Children are independent and perform peace learning and activity only in YMCA such as multicultural symbiosis in addition to daily living activities such as play and work in the room, friend play outside in park of neighborhood.
Dynamic activities of closed excursion or camp are quite popular for the weekend and long term.
Address: 4-1-5, Ryoke, Izumi-ku Hagiwara Building 3F
Telephone: 070-4251-4780

Good friend After-School Care Program Clubs

Neighborhood school: The Okazu small, the Ryokuen east small, the Ryokuen west small
It is from Ryokuen-Toshi Station to a 3-minute walk, and children live a life in the second floor and two rooms under the ground.
It is large-scale schoolchild more than 70, but values homey atmosphere, everyday story-telling, monthly work classroom, relation with each one very much.
Address: Ryokuen, Izumi-ku 1-4-2 the cape Ryokuen 2F
Telephone: 814-1165

After-School Care Program Clubs takeno child club

Neighborhood school: The medium Wada small, the Izumi small, the Iseyama small
Now! !Welcome back! It is place where voice echoes of this.
There is large open space and plays baseball and dodge ball unicycle and tag happily together outside and indoor is playing TV game and DVD appreciation, iron beads happily each.
It is place where first grader - sixth grader can play together.
Address: Izumi, Izumi-ku center north 2-26-2
Telephone: 802-6201

Situation schoolchild nursery school bright club

Neighborhood school: The Iseyama small
We are small number now and are "the second home" and cozy schoolchild which there was just which said now for children.
"Hello!" every day We begin with "welcome back ...", and cheerful voice of children echoes.
We are going to go to camping and pool in excursion, summer vacation on holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday of school.
Children are looking forward to very much.
Address: Izumi, Izumi-ku center south 1-23-10 motobiru 3 2F
Telephone: 516-5994

Kamiiida kindergarten schoolchild nursery school

Neighborhood school: The Kamiiida small
Kamiiida kindergarten schoolchild nursery school is added to kindergarten, and children and primary schoolchild work together.
We harvest vegetables in field of garden, and we plan, and birthday party performs pleasant event every month every season including pool play and festival play in summer vacation.
Children try to be able to spend time happily safely.
Address: 2106, Kamiiidacho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 803-0644

Nakata Miyanomae schoolchild nursery school soyokaze club

Neighborhood school: The Higashinakada small
It is Schoolchildren's Day Care which divides from Nakatahigashi schoolchild nursery school taiyo club, and was made.

Miyanomae Park is location called the very front. On day when it was fine, in the children, dodge ball and swing, jump rope are playing at ease outside.

In addition, of atmosphere that there are many windows, and wall paper of bright color is taken with characteristic in the room, and is bright make.

We play with top with all one's might and we read leisurely while sitting on bench and spend.

Address: The second floor of 4-59-41, Nakatahigashi, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 873-5578

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