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Izumi Ward Elementary School's after-school activities

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Final update date April 8, 2021

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After School Kids Club

Nishigaoka Elementary School After School Kids Club

In addition to free play, we value the time we play together.
Dodgeball and games to move your body. Origami and crafts according to the season.
I sometimes go out on excursions during long holidays.
We aim to be a kids club where children can feel comfortable and fun.
Address: 3-12-11, Nishigaoka, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 814-1565

Shimbashi Elementary School After School Kids Club

With the childcare goals of "Let's grow up together", "Let's recognize the difference", and "Let's taste!"
We have fun, game tournaments where children discuss and decide on the contents, and old-fashioned play such as begoma and kendama every season.
Address: 909, Shinbashicho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 811-2556

Izumino Elementary School After School Kids Club

I made a warm room in the school like at home.
More than 80 children return there.
There are many other events besides free play. It is food education to make and eat excursions, production, snacks and lunch.
It's a fun gathering! !
Address: 6211, Izumicho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 804-7255

Kamiiida Elementary School After School Kids Club

Children who love to play in the schoolyard on hot and cold days.
In particular, soccer and unicycles are popular, and both lower and upper grades are playing together.
We regularly hold exchange meetings with nearby Izumi Nursery Schools, playing with nursery school children, eating lunch, and so on.
On this day, first-year children will also be active as older brothers and sisters.
Address: 1331, Kamiiidacho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 805-0987

Ryokuen Higashi Elementary School After School Kids Club

Ryokuen Higashi Small Kids is playing in two places: a gymnasium or a schoolyard / kids room.
One of the things that children love is overseas board games.
I'm crazy about the fun and colorful game. It's a fuss when you win or lose.
In addition, depending on the season, we perform summer vacation mini fairs, water play, and making Japanese sweets for the Hinamatsuri.
Address: 5-28, Ryokuen, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 813-2555

Kuzuno Elementary School After School Kids Club

There are three places for kids to play.
In the kids room, I draw, play games, and read books.
In the gymnasium, we play ball and paper Hikoki.
In the schoolyard, I play soccer, baseball, etc.
We are working under the motto of Kids' goal, "Let's play happily and friendly to everyone."
Address: 5-15-1, Nakataminami, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 805-25227

Shimoizumi Elementary School After School Kids Club

Kids who love outside play and are full of energetic children.
Senior students lead lower grades and enjoy dodgeball and relays together every day.
We make vegetables in the fields in the school, make curry and rice with potatoes in the summer, make soup with radish in the winter, and hold a harvest festival on holidays.
It's a very popular event every time.
Address: 1436, Izumicho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 803-0554

Izumi Elementary School After School Kids Club

It has been four years since I started as a kids club after school.
I'm playing more and more outside and in the gym.
We are also challenging craft classes and handicraft classes.
We value the play that matches the season.
Address: Izumi-ku Izumi Chuokita 1-31-133
Telephone: 804-5100

Okazu Elementary School After School Kids Club

From April 1, 2016, we switched to the "After School Kids Club" operated by "Non-Profit Organization Kaze no Ko Club".
A cheerful voice is echoing every day in the newly dressed room.
Let's make a lot of friends and have fun together.
Address: 2311, Okazucho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 811-999993

Nakawada Minami Elementary School After School Kids Club

Nakawada Minami Small Kids is always laughing at the children.
There are many favorite games for children, such as tag, dodgeball, block, origami, bingo, plastic van, coloring, piano, Kawayanagi.
We will provide a fun playground in consideration of safety.
Address: 987, Izumicho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 802-7862

Nakawada Elementary School After School Kids Club

Many children at Nakawada Elementary School come to play every day.
Every season, we also have a variety of unique activities, such as welcome parties for new students, slime making, matcha, handicrafts, and tea base.
Long-term vacations are devised so that you can spend a regular time because your activity time is long.
Address: Izumi-ku Izumi Chuo 4-9-1
Telephone: 802-2919

Higashinakata Elementary School After School Kids Club

Gentle and sometimes harsh staff are working under the motto "Creating a safe and enjoyable playground for children."
In addition, in the children's room, school yard and gymnasium, which are the center of activities,
We strive to provide a place to nurture sociality, independence and creativity through children's exchanges.

Address: 4-43-1, Nakatahigashi, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 805-1814

Iida Kita Icho Elementary School After School Kids Club

Cheer up! Fun! I am active every day.
Outside play is popular for soccer, unicycle, sandbox play, and plarail and origami indoors.
It also incorporates seasonal play and events. "Old play" such as ayatori and spinning tops is also popular.

Address: 3795, Kamiiidacho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 802-8347

Nakata Elementary School Kids Club

Nakata Elementary School is a school with a large schoolyard and very blessed with nature.
Kids' children run vigorously into the schoolyard and log square.
During the summer vacation, you can see them crazy about picking up.
In the refreshing hall, I enjoy playing coloring, origami, rego and games.
I'm Nakata kid with a lively smile.
Address: 4-4-1, Nakataminami, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 802-8357

Ryokuen Nishi Elementary School Kids Club

Approximately 60 children participate every day under the motto "Play outside well."
"Unicycle" and "soccer" are popular, and in the spring and autumn, a unicycle club team holds a "unicycle classroom".
Children who are tired of playing read the readings such as "Kaketsu Zorori" and "Kaidan Restaurant" in the renovated office.
Address: 3-39, Ryokuen, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 811-6497

Iseyama Elementary School Kids Club

In outdoor play, unicycle, ball play, sandbox. In the room, you can play freely with shops, spurinos, regos, origami balls, dominos, coloring pages, etc.
I'm looking forward to the staff's idea-full seasonal decoration classroom, "When will you start making it?"
Address: Izumi-ku Izumi Chuo 2-27-1
Telephone: 804-575

After-School Care Program Clubs (Schoolchildren's Day Care

Nakata schoolchild Nursery School Ohisama Club

Neighboring schools: Nakata small and Kuzuno small
Adjacent to Nakata No. 5 Park, we enjoy playing balls, playing games, and climbing trees every day.
We go on excursions on school transfer holidays, camping and pool movie watching during summer vacation.
Children are looking forward to events such as bazaars and play genius competitions for children's festivals.
Address: 3-14-1 Nakatanishi, Izumi-ku Yamayuri Nakashita community hall
Telephone: 802-9898

Chocho Daini schoolchild Nursery School

Neighboring schools: Iidakitaichoko
I'm going back with a loud voice.
As soon as I finish my homework, I spend time with everyone, playing with baseball, dodgeball, kickboard, etc., regardless of the room.
After the snack, everyone is playing their favorite dodgeball.
Address: 3490-48-103, Kamiiidacho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 301-1444444

Nakata Higashi schoolchild Nursery School Taiyo Club

Neighboring schools: Nakata small, Higashinakata small
It's just above Nakata Station. On a sunny day, I walk to Shirayuri Park for about 5 minutes and play Esken and soccer.
When I can't go outside due to rain, I spend time playing tops, shogi, and handicrafts in my room.
We play together once a week and have bazaars and play genius competitions.
Address: Izumi-ku Nakatahigashi 3-1-3 Miki Building 201
Telephone: 805-3510

Nakata Minami Schoolchildren's Day Care's Club

Neighboring schools: Nakata small, Higashinakata small
It is a Schoolchildren's Day Care, which was divided from Nakata Higashi schoolchild.
The first floor of a two-story building is a childcare space. The second floor is like an ordinary house. In the kitchen where snacks are made and in the room where you play quietly, you do homework and use it when children hold meetings.
On a sunny day, I move my body at Dodgeball, Esken, unicycles and swings at Nakata Ninth Park just behind the club.
There is also a dance group.
We will also practice Japanese drums jointly with Taiyo Club and perform at events.
Address: 2-1-29, Nakataminami, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 435-5310

Shimoizumi After-School Care Program Clubs (Tanpo Club)

Neighboring schools: Shimoizumi Elementary School and Nakawata Minami Elementary School
The dandelion is full of children's energetic voices.
I have a friend here to do anything. Children also enjoy events where parents participate together, such as handicrafts and crafts, seasonal events, camps and Christmas parties.
It is a place where many bonds make a big circle in everyday life.
Address: Izumi Ward Shimoizumi 5-19-12
Telephone: 803-0311

YMCA Yamatedai schoolchild Club

Neighboring schools: Nishigaoka Elementary School, Totsuka-ku Kamiyabe Elementary School, Torigaoka Elementary School
We value "caring", "honesty", "responsibility" and "respect" in all situations.
In addition to daily activities such as outdoor play in nearby parks, indoor work, and friendship play, children also take the initiative in activities unique to YMCA such as peace learning and multicultural coexistence.
Dynamic activities such as excursions and camps on weekends and long holidays are also very popular.
Address: Izumi-ku Ryoke 2-11-1 YMCA Yamatedai Center
Telephone: 070-4251-4780

Nakayoshi After-School Care Program Clubs

Neighboring schools: Okazu Elementary School, Ryokuen East Elementary School and Ryokuen Elementary School
Located a 3-minute walk from Midorien-shi Station, children live on the second floor and two basement rooms.
Although it is a large-scale schoolchild with more than 70 people, but we value the homely atmosphere, daily reading, monthly craft classes, and the relationship with each and every one.
Address: Izumi-ku Midori-en 1-4-2 The Cape Ryokuen 2F
Telephone: 814-1165

Takenoko After-School Care Program Clubs Club

Neighboring schools: Nakawada small, Izumi small, Iseyama small
Right now! !Welcome! It is a place where the voice of the voice is loud.
There is a large open space outside, where everyone enjoys playing baseball, dodgeball unicycles and tag games, and indoors enjoys playing TV games, watching DVDs, iron beads, etc.
This is a place where first to sixth graders can play together.
Address: Izumi-ku Izumi Chuokita 2-26-2
Telephone: 802-6201

Responsible schoolchild club

Neighboring schools: Iseyamako
At present, it is a small group, and for children, it is a homely schoolchild, who has just said, "Is it a second family?"
"Now!" Beginning with "Okaeri-", the children's energetic voices are spreading.
I plan to go on an excursion on school transfer holidays and go camping and swimming during summer vacation.
The children are looking forward to it.
Address: Izumi-ku Izumi Chuo 1-23-10 Motoburu 3F 2F
Telephone: 516-5994

Kamiiida Kindergarten schoolchild, Kami

Neighboring schools: Kamiiidako
Kami-Iida Kindergarten schoolchild is attached to a kindergarten, and children and elementary school students are working together.
We plan fun events every season, such as harvesting vegetables in the fields of the garden and playing in the pool and festivals during the summer vacation, and the birthday party is held every month.
We strive to make children safe and enjoyable.
Address: 2106, Kamiiidacho, Izumi-ku
Telephone: 803-0644

Nakata Miyanomae schoolchild Nakata Miyanomae Club

Neighboring schools: Higashinakadako
It is a Schoolchildren's Day Care, which was divided from Nakata Higashi schoolchild.

Miyanomae Park is in front of you. On sunny days, children play at ease outside, such as dodgeball, swings, and jump ropes.

In addition, the interior is characterized by bright colored wallpaper, and many windows are taken to create a bright atmosphere.

I spend my time playing with the tops and reading leisurely while sitting on the bench.

Address: 4-59-41, Nakatahigashi, Izumi-ku 2nd floor
Telephone: 873-5578

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