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Specialized consultation of young man with difficulties such as stop-at-home

Last update date December 26, 2018

The staff of area use plaza supporting young people's independence targeting at young people and the protectors holding difficulties such as "it is not revealed what we should do to attend society" stop-at-home goes to ward office regularly and talks about which "we stay indoors and do not go out of house".

  • Object: Person who is 39 years old from 15 years old living in the city and the family
  • Consultation day: 4 every month second Wednesday 13:30-16:30 (one consultation time is 50 minutes)
  • Application method: You make a reservation for telephone (800-2465) beforehand, and come to the second-floor 211th window.
  • Counselor: "Regional alliances counselor" of local use plaza (social workers) accepts.
  • Expense: Free of charge

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Telephone: 045-800-2339

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