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Approach of securing of Izumi Ward nursery staff

Last update date January 30, 2020

"Nursery staff hold working support course" in Izumi Ward every year

In the authorization nursery school of Izumi Ward, many nursery staff work well. (person without nursery staff qualification plays an active part, too.)
It is pleasant job that you can win while watching growth of pretty children.
We hear story from director and nursery staff while observing child-care facility and are actually course for qualification method nitsuiteya senkuhoikuenjoho interested in work of nursery school including offer.

Held guidance

We held on Monday, January 20, 2020.
On the next time, we are going to hold in around January, 2021.
[held contents]
・Venue: Izumi, Yokohama-shi nursery school
・Contents: Visit to nursery school, director, story from nursery staff, story of method of qualification, question corner, offer of Izumi Ward nursery school information
・Object: Person (as for age, the qualification no object) who likes child, and is interested in work of nursery school
Course holding flyer "working support course (PDF: 176KB) as for the Izumi Ward nursery staff" of January, 2020

It is recommended to such people

●There is, but blank worries about qualification.
●Though there is not, qualification wants to act in nursery school.

[we introduce voice of person who participated in the last course]
・It turned out that we worked in nursery staff's experience ganakude nursery school.
・We were able to have positive image toward working in nursery school.
・Including story about qualification, on-site story reference was similar very much.

We can read reporting card (position offer information of nursery school (part) in ward)

"Nursery staff offer position offer information of each garden in working support course".
Person thinking of working in nursery school, please refer to this position offer information.

Position offer information (PDF: 1,089KB) of Izumi Ward child-care facility (is information as of January, 2020.)

If there is interest for working in facility nearby as facility where position offer information is not placed in here performs job offer at any time, please contact facility by all means.

We can receive practical training in experience of nursery staff in child-care facility of Izumi Ward

For person examining working in child-care facility, we carry out experience-based training in child-care facility of Izumi Ward.

State of implementation (PDF: 109KB) of experience-based training of Izumi Ward child-care facility (is information as of January, 2020)

Please refer to each facility for information of detailed and facility without publication directly.

★Information such as nursery schools in Izumi Ward is this → izumikkohirobauebu


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Telephone: 045-800-2444
Fax: 045-800-2513

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Telephone: 045-800-2444

Fax: 045-800-2513

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