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The Izumi Ward eating habits member of improvement promotion society (Izumi Ward health mate)

Last update date February 21, 2019

The eating habits of member of improvement promotion come, and design chapter

Photograph of health mate to instruct at cooking class for man

Photograph of member of health mate who assembled in full force

Through activity of produced health promotion of harmony of nutrition, exercise, rest, we aim at the making of vitality community which there is while "our health practicing oneself health promotion by nickname of "health mate" for password in by our hand" after the eating habits finish member of improvement promotion seminar, and deepening contact with friend and local people.

Activity contents

We perform the spread of right knowledge enlightenment of health promotion mainly on the eating habits through class or display to increase practitioners of health promotion.

  • The spread of meal balance guides enlightenment
  • Introductions of dishes using product of Izumi Ward product
  • The spread of dietary guideline, physical activity guideline for health promotion, exercise guideline, rest guidelines enlightenment

Taste recipe

Collection of dishes using vegetables which we got in Izumi Ward, taste recipe


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Telephone: 045-800-2401

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