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hasshin Izumi Ward! Izumichuo festival holding (December 14)     ... book event was finished. Cooperation, ... that thank you very much, everyone, which had you arrive

<smart illuminations Izumi "fruit of Hikari" same time conduct>

Last update date December 23, 2019

Basic information

Event name

Izumichuo festival

Event summary

Town, Izumi Ward which become more and more convenient by the direct line opening of business of Sotetsu Line and JR Line.
We hold festival in commemoration of the direct line opening of business.
Yl with live performance and art work of a certain dynamism world level
It is outdoor event that can experience mineshon. Come by all means!
※We tell about the program details of the day sequentially on this homepage.
※We change by weather and may cancel.
※There is no parking lot, bicycle parking lots in venue. Do you use public transport?
Please use toll parking lot, bicycle parking lots of neighborhood.
※Real display of Hikari is until Sunday for from Saturday, December 14 to 22nd.

<sponsorship, reference>
 City of Yokohama, Izumi Ward
  [thing about business purpose, illuminations program, dance program details]
   Ward Administration Promotion Division: TEL800-2331 FAX800-2505
  [thing about drum, percussion program details]
   Regional Promotion Division: TEL800-2396 FAX800-2507
(※) It is 8 about the held right or wrong of the day of the event: 00-21 only for 00:
   Call center: TEL664-2525

The date

December 14, 2019

The date and time details

The date and time: Saturday, December 14 13:00 start
Place: Sotetsu Izumino Line Izumichuo station square, arcade, waterside of guardian deity of children Hara
※Real display of Hikari is until Sunday for from Saturday, December 14 to 22nd.
※Stormy weather cancellation

Holding area

Izumi Ward

The held place details

Sotetsu Izumino Line Izumichuo station square, arcade, waterside of guardian deity of children Hara
・It is immediate on foot from Sotetsu Izumino Line Izumi-Chuo Station
・Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu bus "in front of Izumi Ward synthesis government building" getting off is immediate
・It is a 15-minute walk from Yokohama Shiei Subway Blue Line Tateba Station

Participation method

Participation for free


Free of charge

Eligible people

Anyone can participate.


City of Yokohama, Izumi Ward


Yokohama-shi, Sagami Railway group (town development) of the vicinity of Sotetsu Izumino Line environment city of the future (next generation)
Kanagawa Kyoritsu, Sotetsu company consortium, warm mart (aria)
Community care plaza local action interchange coordinator in Izumi Ward, meeting of the NPO corporation four seasons

Flyer image
Flyer image image

Program introduction

We send information about performer, artist to schedule of each program.
※We may change schedule of program without notice by weather.

Smart illuminations Izumi "fruit of Hikari" workshop and display

It can be also known as symbol of "smart illuminations Izumi" who started in 2015 successively
"Fruit of Hikari" colors winter of Izumi Ward easily this year.

We perform workshop which can experience the making of work with artist 髙kyokyotashihonjin on the day of the event this year.

Only as for Hikari

Artist | 髙kyokyota

Place | Waterside of guardian deity of children Hara
 13:00 ...
"Fruit of Hikari" which one one makes creates winter scenes.
As for the first person, person with production experience, please participate in workshop, too.
[real display of Hikari]
Period of display is from Saturday, December 14 to Sunday, December 22

Fruit of Hikari

[photograph: smart illuminations Izumi 2018]

Sound that midsummer is hot in ... depth of winters! Program of incandescence by ... global tambour hidano Shuichi produce

Up-and-coming members gather with the superb player beginning on behalf of Japan, each genre!
Izumi-Chuo Station makes merry!

Live pop mainly on man of influence pekka & Takahashi clogs husband of Latin world that world-famous tambour hidano Shuichi produces, rhythm musical instrument taking its ease too much including Yoichi Izawa of wagan and steal bread of African percussion instrument is full loading!

Appearance | hidano Shuichi & uebare nyo!

Stage which it is fun mainly on Senegalese percussion instrument sabaru Latin-American percussion, Japanese drum, and is danceable.
Place | The station square stage
 ②14:45 ...
 hidano Shuichi (drum)
 Hashida pekka Masato (Latin-American percussion)
 Takahashi clogs husband (base)
 Wagane Ndiyae Rose (Savart)
 Hiroto Ishida (sax)

[member profile]

◆hidano Shuichi (drum drummer, producer)
We are from Yokohama and make our debut in 1990. One who built foundation of the record-breaking sum musical instrument boom arrival nine years later. And the country is 41 countries of the world and performs 3000 or more performances and accomplishes great achievement to shine in history of drum of the 21st century much. Is chosen in 2013 by "person with world's best drum performance technology". We participate in Stevie Wonder tour of the world's highest mountain artist, Herbie Hancock Allstars and play with big game artist beyond storm, Momoiro Clover Z et al., genre. We appear on a large number of drum festivals in Japan including national theater and attract attention with unique original style in drum world. "FIFA soccer World Cup" appears on official closing ceremony of 3 world's first meetings. There are many command performances including Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress (Heisei) and the Dalai Lama Pope 14th, too. As leader Koichi Domoto, TM revolution, Yusuke Kamiji…We have others, all over the world more than 4000 students. We win Yokohama culture prize, Kanagawa culture prize.

◆Hashida pekka Masato (percussion)
We start professional career in musician, producer, doramusakurufashiriteta, 1970. We go to the United States in 1977 and repeat sessions with black & musician of Latin origin and we form first salsa band, orukesutaderuson after returning home in Japan and are continuing activity now for 36 years.
We announce many works. As recording musician, we exceed recording musical piece, 25,000 pieces so far. Suntory, house, ion, Daiwa house, Hitachi are wide as narrator of TVCM. Among present, LOTTE, Suntory, On Air.
Establish "association of doramusakurufashiriteta" from 2002, the first director.
American REMO company official recognition fashiriteta.
In the autumn of 2011, we join Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, concert tour of Uganda in three countries with the hidano Shuichi drum Masters. We get favorable reception in each place.

◆Takahashi clogs husband (base)
1976 record debut. We participate in Masayoshi Takanaka, Orr cuesta Dell Sor, Shigeharu Mukai, Terumasa Hino, Yosui Inoue, Hideaki Tokunaga, Yoshitaka Minami et al., session & recording.
Naoya Matsuoka and majority including Montreux appearance, tropical jazz orchestra NY performance, etc., Central and South America performance, performance in Europe.
We form "crystal jazz Latino" in "pink Bongo" "the lowriders" 2006 in 2001. We can excite each place in group to grind hot.

◆Wagane Ndiyae Rose (Savart)
It is created in famous Griot (family in succession to tradition that ever served the king) of capital Dakar of West Africa Senegal. It is participation in great father that Senegalese percussion instrument Savart was authorized to wide world heritage all over the world, DouDou Ndiyae Rose and many overseas tours. Stevie Wonder, James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Miles Davis and Tokiko Kato, Sadao Watanabe, Chie Ayado, EXILE USA, Kansai Yamamoto and others and costarring. We are playing an active part as missionary of Senegalese culture now.

◆Hiroto Ishida (sax, flute)
We start activity mainly on Tokyo live house during Showa University of Music attendance at school with jazz band of self. Latin jazz band and jazz combo participate at the same time, too and start professional activity after the graduation in earnest.
As support musician of Korean singer, we perform performance in France Russia, Korea, China, Vietnam, North Korea.
We went to New York alone in 1998 and repeated performance with local musician in jazz club.
We handle various genres mainly on jazz and have a good reputation for exciting play full of the meaning of a poem. We act as Kim yonja, band under contract to Saburo Kitajima and play with many famous artists now. We play from jazz to enka ballad widely.

Appearance | Yoichi Izawa group

Caribbean percussion instrument Steele Bakery and tap, heart full na stage with Brazilian guitar.
(Koki who planned * appearance was not able to appear by convenience)
Place | Arcade
 ①13:45 ...
 ②15:15 ...
 Yoichi Izawa (Steele Bakery)
 Sedge again Gonzo ken (guitar)
 Koki (tap)

[member profile]

◆Yoichi Izawa (Steele Bakery)
We meet steal bread in Renegades Steel Orchestra visit to Japan performance in Manabu Mori garden/Tokyo music university graduate 1992 when we are a graduate of live freedom in 1978 and are shocked. We meet Steel Pan Player Yoshihiro Harada in 2000 and learn various things and experience and begin activity as Steel Pan player in performance. We participate in Steele Bakery contest "PANORAMA" holding in the home Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in 2007 as member of local orchestra Starlift Steel Orchestra. We form Steele Bakery orchestra "WAIWAI STEEL BAND" whom oneself presides over in 2008 and release 2nd CD&DVD "LAMP" in 1st CD "TIME FOR PAN" 2016 in 2014. We carry out a live activity in the whole country and appear on various music festivals. We express with unit, solo with various musical instruments, original style including Steel Pan Band. In addition, we flip Steele Bakery and learn and we found "WAIWAI PANYARD/buzz-buzz bread yard" in Tokorozawa as music and place to spend and tell in the next generation. We search "joy" "memory of sound" through Steele Bakery, music.

◆Sedge again Gonzo ken (guitar)
We begin guitar and encounter, classical guitar at the age of 4 in kindergarten which entered accidentally. We are dumbfounded by Ellis Reggina and we are knocked down by JOHAN Bosco and devote ourselves to Brazilian music. Sweet sound and dynamic groove are the history and play music of Brazil, Central and South America in Japan and Asia without matching face. In addition, rare guitarist (laugh) who is good at pandeiro. We appear on appearance, the government management TV broadcasting or cable TV as the first overseas guest four times in the past every year in held "Colombo Guitar Fest." in Sri Lanka and win favorable reception. We act as Kurosawa musical instrument Ochanomizu Dr.Sound guitar lecturer other than activity in performance and hold pandeirowakushoppu regularly now in Numazu. In addition, we make use of tone of gut guitar and play of confidence and lay emphasis on musical piece production, performances of BGM, soundtrack, CM. Please consult about production, recording.

◆Koki (tap)
Commencing with tap, we study under Mr. HIDEBOH more in earnest than 10 years old. In 2014, we play the youngest 12 years old in tap battle "TAP JACK" and become finalist. In 2018, we play own unit in tap contest "TAP TOP" and win the grand prix. In 2015, we study in Chicago for the JTSP (Japanese tap scholarship student system) ninth graduate. In 2017, we appear on Director Yutaka Mizutani movie "TAP-THE LAST SHOW-" as tap dancer position. We appear on Japan, China and South Korea joint festival "*rabunkasai" held in Korea, Jeju Island in 2017 in three countries as the only tap dancer. In 2018, we appear on commemorative "Hokkaido 150 years opening event" for naming 150 years of Hokkaido. We appear on others, event of each place a lot. Including hidano Shuichi (drum) who is father, we play with big game musicians including Mickey Yoshino (keyboard/Godiego) Osamu Sakata (older brother of song of former NHK), Yoshihiro Naruse (base/Cassiopeia), Yagi nobuo (harmonica), pekka (percussion/Orr cuesta derusoru), Wagane Ndiyae Rose (Senegalese percussion instrument), Robson Amaral (Brazil guitar) a lot. We act as tap lecturer in hidano drum entertainment studio completed in the autumn of 2018. It is moving into action by taking advantage of sense of rhythm that can support music of every genre.

Appearance | fu*on

We send form of new Japanese culture by two people and percussion of former DRUM TAO.
Place | Waterside of guardian deity of children Hara
 ①14:15 ...
 ②15:45 ...
 Hideaki Kato (the sum drum)
 Taniguchi weathercock flower (the sum drum)
 Hiromitsu Hagiwara (the sum drum, percussion)

[member profile]

◆Hideaki Kato (drum)
We receive instruction of drum from childhood with father (Osamu Kato).
We stand on stage at 12 years old and participate in foundation of the drum group "hand drum best" in 1995. We perform performance more than 100 times a year as central player of the hand drum best afterward in each places such as various events of the whole country school performance. We perform others, composition, constitution, direction of the drum instruction, creation sum drum and work on session with Tsugaru samisen, shino flute, koto, Latin-American percussion positively again.
From 1999, "Tokyo blow group participates commencing with activity as professional from 2002, too". We seek possibility that is newer than 2003 and participate in Japanese and Western mixed band "Soothe". And new unit of the hand drum best forms "heart that how about da" in 2004. It moves into action as brothers unit.

◆Taniguchi weathercock flower (the sum drum, bamboo flute)
It was born in 1990 and participates in Japan and cultural exchange event of the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relations establishment of Jamaica in 2004. We train ourselves as hand drum child intern for two years and join DRUM TAO at 20 years old at the age of 18. We participate in domestic tour, tour in Europe, tour in Philippines in Singapore, the 51st OSEAL (Orient Southeast Asia) forum. We appear on Japan, China and South Korea joint festival "*rabunkasai" held in Korea, Jeju Island in 2017 in three countries. Around Yokohama, we are appearing on various events now.

◆Hiromitsu Hagiwara (drum, percussion)
We enter Institute of international Niihori art after the graduation from high school with drum than sum drum, 14 years old than 7 years old at the start,
After graduating from drum Koichi Sato, Hiroaki Miisho, we study under hidano Shuichi with Ms. Yoshiko Nakagawa, the sum drum in Hiroshi Okubo, marimba in percussion.
We learn orchestra percussion with guitar orchestra and participate in recital to include abroad every year.
We are interested in world folk music from classical music and we touch percussion of wide genre and polish musicality.
We participate in the country, Germany, Austria, Italy, Korea, world tour of Taiwan as Niihori guitar ensemble NE exclusive belonging percussionist.
We often play solo of marimba concerto at pail recital and win extreme popularity.
Percussion appears with Ms. Michiko Minegishi of yoga by "Bali spirit yoga Festival" of Indonesia for 2013.14 years.
Concert in each places as percussion of group "CHU BAND" led by percussionist Hiroshi Okubo of the whole country.
It is moving into action as lifework in marching drum line and band performance.
For instructor, we deal with professional upbringing in Institute of international Niihori art and,
We instructed percussion instrument ensemble by all 1/2 coming-of-age ceremony fourth graders and samba ensemble of 80 people in elementary school in Totsuka Ward and performed percussion instrument production workshop for children.
Lesson in other music classroom, band contest judge carry out a wide activity.
(study) lecturer at lecturer at Institute of international Niihori art drum course Niihori guitar drum course
CHU BAND percussion, drum line "blue blast" tenatamu player, live energy 2004, 2006 best drum players Prize, Kanagawa light music Buren faith meet judge

Break dance program that dance team "The Floorriorz" playing an active part in the world sends

We achieved unprecedented break dance world meeting the third straight victory
Member of dance team "The Floorriorz" (furoriazu) appears!

We show performance full of dynamism by world top-level dancers.
Furthermore, workshop is held, too!
Program only in The Floorriorz which lays emphasis on next-generation break-dancer upbringing.
We challenge break dance at this opportunity!

Appearance | The Floorriorz

Place | The station square stage [show]
14:15 ...
Place | Waterside [workshop] of guardian deity of children Hara
 ①13:30 ...
 ②15:30 ...

[appearance member profile]

Only Bboy which overcame Red Bull BC One World Final from local qualifier.
Bboy which represents Japan where there is not thing not to know in break-dancers in central figures of Battle Of The Tear World Final3 straight victory.

Bboy which distinguishes itself since the days of university student, and runs the world on crotch.
The mood maker of The Floorriorz which not only Bboy but also MC digests again.

It is said to be young No1 and is rummaging in break dance scene now.
The dance is the best part in all-rounders who had all.

The youngest Bgirl of The Floorriorz.
We show pretty movement since the age of the kids scene and walk away with topic.
Ability is recognized and joins The Floorriorz last year.
High school girl Bgirl which cannot separate eyes for achievement in the future.

◆About team
bureikinchimu to work on around Kawasaki.
World meeting Battle Of The Year (battle of the Year) of break dance most authoritative in the world started in 1990 in Europe. Japan was not able to take world's best title which participated from 1997.
The Floorriorz acquires one where wonderful Japanese is the first of the world in 2015.
And we found break dance academy becoming first in Japan.
We set out to bring up next-generation break-dancer.
Only 3 teams achieve Battle Of The Year the second straight victory that is not accomplished in the world in 2016 in the next year.
And what force achieves world first the third straight victory in 2017 without staying!
The world was astonished for the result as well as Japan. In addition, bureikin will be added for the use Olympics in 2018. Bgirl Ram which became The Floorriorz in graduates of academy wins the world's first gold medal. And we won gold medal in 2on2 and became person of the hour at a bound.
That becoming world legend crew as well as Japan is The Floorriorz!

-Receiving a prize career -
Battle Of The Year World Final 2015&2016&2017 three ascendancy (Germany)
Break The Floor 2013 & 2014 invitation (France)
Hipop Sesseion 2016 invitation (the U.K.)
Buenos Aires use Olympics 2018 gold medal two acquisition (Bgril Ram)

-Media -
"mecha is good", and offer series Taichi Miura edition appears
The Fuji TV celebration 50th anniversary! New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine! Roar of laughter hit parade 2017 appearance
Special NHK BS1; "throne does not hand! Transcendence break dance one decisive battle appearance of the world
Nippon Television star draft meeting appearance
TV Asahi Music station appearance
Taichi Miura (RE)Play MV appearance
B-league appearance
InterFM897 Tokyo Dance Park appearance

[with Bboy and Bgirl?]
We take initial of Breakdance in people dancing break dance (Breakdance)
We call Bboy and Bgirl.

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