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Emblem of Isogo Ward, flower design mark of tree, ward of ward

Last update date April 22, 2019

Emblem (October 29, 1983 establishment) of Isogo Ward

Emblem of Isogo Ward

This emblem is thing which chose from work which we invited public participation for from inhabitants of a ward to become symbol of interchange and solidarity of inhabitant of a ward.
We made initial "i" of Isogo Ward symbol for "i" of hiragana letter and Romaji (love). We designed the coming sun in wave and the future to be suitable for ward adjacent to the sea.

Flower design mark (October, 1997 establishment) of tree, ward of ward

After raising flower "cosmos" of ward and design marks of tree "plum" of ward in commemoration of the administration of a ward 70th anniversary, we had 111 application from inhabitants of a ward. From a large number of wonderful works, we adopted work reflecting the image of harmony with human harmony, nature. With revision such as adding letter by expert as adoption work, we did on design mark. In addition, it commended announcement of design mark and excellent work for ceremony of the 70th anniversary of the administration of a ward.

Tree "plum" of ward

Tree "plum" of ward (emblem)

We express a person's ring as people in Japanese yen. In the image of Bairin and Mt. Japanese yen sea of Sugita, we express the sea and mountain and the earth.

Flower "cosmos" of ward

Flower "cosmos" of ward (emblem)

As cosmos is flower of easy feeling, we describe in image that two cosmoses talk about gently.

Isogo Ward image-song (October, 1997 establishment)

Isogo Ward image-song

I received application of 69 works from offer of the lyrics of image-song which sang charm of Isogo Ward in commemoration of the administration of a ward 70th anniversary in a loud voice.
Resident George Yamashita in ward composed in the best work, and Koji Ryuzaki arranged, and wonderful song which anyone could sing to oneself casually was completed from children to the elderly.

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