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Headquarters for Promotion of action environmental in 2018

Last update date March 4, 2019

It is ... with Headquarters for Promotion of Isogo Ward environment action

In the Isogo Ward, it is group organized by representative of inhabitant of a ward, company, environmental activity group, the ward various groups approving of purpose for the purpose of administration being united, and promoting Yokohama-shi global warming measure implementation plan (area measure) and "Yokohama-shi wastes processing basic plan" (Yokohama 3R dream (slim) plan), and working on expansion of practice of environmental action.

Member of Headquarters for Promotion of Isogo Ward environment action list (honorific title abbreviation) (PDF: 58KB)

2018 Isogo Ward environment action target

(1) Aim of warming measures

We shall work on "year-round power saving, energy saving" to promote warming measures action about aim of 2018 and promote familiar power saving, energy saving action "isogo ECO action" that anyone of inhabitant of a ward can work on under the theme of "living person who is kind to the earth".

<example of isogo ekoakushon>
・When not in use, we will put out diligently.
・We will pack one of pike conger into freezer which does not pack thing into refrigerator too much.
・When we do not watch TV, with brightness setting of screen as energy saving mode, let's do in power supply off diligently.

・Let's use eco-friendly public transport such as train or bus positively.
・We move by foot and bicycle as much as possible and try for restraint of greenhouse gas, and let's do ECO action that is healthy, and is easy for the earth.
・Let's work on green curtain and tree planting of imminent place to cover places equal to day of windows with plants such as bitter gourds.

(2) The gross weight target of garbage and resources

We do aim of 2018 with 618 grams that reduced gross basic unit of home origin 8 grams for 2017. Breakdown assumes ▲ 2 grams, basic unit of other (recyclable garbage) ▲ 6 grams in basic unit of burnable garbage in consideration of the results of 2017.

Basic unit target of garbage and resources
 The gross weight of garbage and resourcesQuantity of burnable garbageOther (resources) quantity
The 2017 results (value by estimate)626 g413 g213 g
2018 aim618 g411 g207 g
Reduction target for the 2017 results▲8 g▲2 g▲6 g

(reference) the gross weight of garbage and resources
 The gross weight of garbage and resourcesQuantity of burnable garbageOther (recyclable garbage) quantity
The 2017 results (value by estimate)38,072t25,120t12,952t
2018 aim37,770t23,074t12,696t
Reduction target for the 2017 results▲302t▲46t▲256t

Main approach for accomplishment

○Approach for reduction of recyclable garbage included in burnable garbage

We separate, and, in burnable garbage, containers and packaging made of recyclable recycle paper and plastic is included more.
Containers and packaging made of plastic targeted for classification occupies about 5% of the whole and is burnt without about 40% of exhausted quantity being separated.
In addition, recycle paper targeted for classification accounts for about 10% of the whole, and thorough further classification is necessary.

○Promotion of approach for food loss reduction
Reduction of "untouched food!"
In burnable garbage taken out by family, discarded "untouched food" is still included a lot in anything without hand being put.
Let's touch custom to confirm thing which is in refrigerator regularly because we do not provide "untouched food".

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