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Procedure, service

Last update date November 15, 2018

Family register, resident certificate

Report, proof/resident certificate/Seal Registration/special permanent resident certificate of family register

Pension , insurance

National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)/National Health Insurance


Payment of municipal tax, tax proof/light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei)/property tax/city tax

Medical examination, inspection/health consultation/Vaccinations

Elderly person

Identifications of service/hobby, gathering/respect for the old special ride except The Long-term Care Insurance/The Long-term Care Insurance

Switch ON Isogo (community-based welfare health planning)/community care plazas

Impaired person

Support/medical expenses furtherance of everyday life

When we had trouble with life

Social security/single-parent homes

Pregnancy/infants medical examination/Vaccinations/child care support

Elementary and junior high school entrance to school, transference/Schoolchildren's Day Care after school kids clubs

Road, the sewer, park (Isogo engineering works office)/city planning master plan

Environmental hygiene/food hygiene/animal, pet of garbage disposal/recycling/living

isogo kuminkatsudoshien center/sports/international exchanges

Sudden illness/emergency care information kit of disaster prevention/anti-crime program/night, holiday

Valuable Information

Election/statistics/public information

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