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Happy ★Halloween in 2019, Yokoudai was held!

Last update date October 30, 2019

ISOGO photo news

On October 27, it was held the cause that "Happy ★ Halloween in Yokodai" was hosted by Yokodai town development meeting.
Venue is UR Yokodai center housing complex special event space (the center open space), Yokodai station square park child log house, Yokodai station square park play park, the hamaginkodomo space Hall of Science.
In central open space that became main venue, game and quiz, disguise contest were carried out. He/she participated in disguise that made an elaborate plans not to consider including handmade clothes, and, in disguise contest, venue was wrapped in atmosphere that it was peaceful and was fun.

Halloween event
State of venue

Halloween event
State of disguise contest

Halloween event
Isoppi came up, too and heaped up venue.

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