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Pleasure boat tour around Murakawa was held in from canal river

Last update date November 15, 2019

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Is hosted by executive committee on November 10 made with canal river charm; around "Murakawa in from canal river pleasure boat tour" was held.

This event is departure, canal river from Yahatabashi of Isogo Ward → Middle Murakawa → Horikawa → Yokohama Port → It circulates through Bentenbashi Bridge on pleasure boat and is intended to rediscover charm of river.

We had you participate toward 49 people in all and enjoyed scenery of canal river blessed with weather on that day.

In ship, in canal river which was artificial river, development was pushed forward from all of the making of canal river charm executive committees in 1870 by progeny of Kanbee Yoshida, and history such as finished thing or having been famous spot for its cherry blossoms in those days was introduced in 1874.

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