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Isogo fire brigade received letter of thanks from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications!

Last update date March 31, 2020

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 Letter of thanks is presented for increase of the considerable number of members, increase of student member, woman member, fire brigade which had remarkable achievement including the disaster service through the year by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.
 We received the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications letter of thanks, and Leader Yokota reported Isogo fire brigade to Mayor Isoko Inomata on Thursday, March 26 by having become 100% of member sufficiency rates in 2018.
 We formed public information PR unit in Isogo fire brigade and performed explanation, aggressive invitation at Isogo festival and morning market, event of company in ward and offer activity in pulling in customers facility, meeting of each district alliance, and many people were related by what was joined for this receiving a prize.
(314 number of the members of April, 2018 became 370 people of the Isogo fire brigade fixed number by 56 increase on January 1, 2019.)

Osuka vice-leader (the left) Leader Yokota (the center) Director General (the right)

[during recruitment of members of fire brigade]
 Person dismissed from breaks fire brigade for age-limit system (70 years old). Isogo fire brigade is recruiting members of fire brigade now.

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Telephone: 045-753-0119

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