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We held donation type to tell thanks to Yokohama Isogo Rotary Club!

Last update date September 2, 2019

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We progressed to have you donate tekitori "shizukurin" of eco-friendly umbrella from Yokohama Isogo Rotary Club.

With that, we held donation type in Director General room on Tuesday, August 25.

We had you contribute "shizukurin" four than Miyazawa, chairperson of Yokohama Isogo Rotary Club and presented letter of thanks than Mayor Inomata on that day.

In Isogo Ward, we abolish use of umbrella case made of polyethylene triggered by this donation and will push forward approach in consideration for environment including gen plastic even more.

We deliver donation from Chairperson Miyazawa to Mayor Inomata.
State of donation of "shizukurin"

All of Yokohama Isogo Rotary Clubs and souvenir picture by Mayor Inomata
All of you and Mayor Inomata of Yokohama Isogo Rotary Club

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