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We concluded agreement about offer of tower list required with Okamura district alliance Neighborhood Associations at disaster

Last update date December 19, 2019

ISOGO photo news

 We provide "disaster pivot tower list" in Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations that to possess at the time of disaster in Isogo Ward, and usually local, it watches difficult tower required to evacuate by own strength including elderly person needing care and severe person with a disability and can make use in activity to assist in the case of emergency.
 Targeting at areas of 6 Neighborhood Association of Okamura district alliance Neighborhood Associations, thing that we assisted and sent activity to utilizing tower list required was decided at disaster. In this way, with Okamura central part Neighborhood Association which will already conclude agreement in future utilizing list assist, and activity is pushed forward.
 In Isogo Ward, in the district that concludes agreement as the alliance Neighborhood Associations, and works, it is to 4 district eyes following Yokodai district, upper bamboo grass groundwork ward, Shiomidai district that concluded agreement the other day.
 Chairperson and Mayor of Inomata of each Chairperson Misawa others Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations of Okamura district alliance Neighborhood Associations attended in Okamura western part community hall from 13:00 on Wednesday, December 18, and the conclusion type of agreement about offer of the pivot tower list was performed at disaster.

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