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"Let's tell thought to important person" and held concert & ending notebook form course!

Last update date December 9, 2019

ISOGO photo news

In Isogo Ward, we push forward approach to spread ending notebooks under the theme of "we live in the life like oneself till the last".
We invited two of Koichiro Niwase and Shinya Uda of acoustic Duo "N.U." to work on around Yokohama on Isogo Ward the seventh floor of the government office on Sunday, December 8 and had "we would tell important people in thought", and "concert & ending notebook way of writing course" participate toward 85 in generation when it was wide from holding, 20s to 80s.
Two people of "N.U." made two pieces of music "my starting notebook" which featured the theme of ending notebook "sound of ending" and sang with other original piece of music in this concert.
Theme to "tell thought to important person" is theme to be common for not only elderly person but also young person. We think "ending notebook" to be able to take opportunity of "starting note" to think about the future.

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