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"Food education lesson of parent and child" by health mate was held

Last update date August 29, 2019

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On Thursday, August 22, we held "food education lesson of parent and child" by health mate in Sugita district center.
After having you participate in 21 parent and child, and having learned importance of nutrition balance and breakfast, we cooked in parent and child and received practical training.
Menu is soup of bread crumbs grilled, lettuce and bacon of bread gratin, broccoli and potato of tofu cream.
There was child who used kitchen knife for the first time, but was able to finish dishes although being a pleasure.
From child, "it was delicious!" Voice, "we wanted to do in house as we were able to easily make" went up a lot.

Health mate supported and we cooked in parent and child happily and received practical training.

On luncheon mat of staple food, main dish, vice-greens, we confirm nutrition balance!

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