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Business trip! We carried out health promotion support corps in rabisuta Shinsugita

Last update date September 27, 2019

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We go on a business trip in rabisuta Shinsugita on Saturday, September 21! We carried out health promotion support corps.
We had you cooperate with members of health practice promotion and we ate and talked with enlightenment and toe measurement of the force of cancer screening, body measurement of formation.
There was booth of "classification game of garbage and resources" by Regional Promotion Division Resources Reuse Promotion and had you drop in toward the lot in shopping occasion.
Own health care that is apt to become just just negligent with daily business. Through healthy check, it was day to have you stare at own health condition again.

Toe measurement of the force
By toe measurement of the force, we know under-the-knee muscular strength, state of own foot including skillfulness of toe.

Body measurement of formation
We know quantity of muscle or the internal organs fat level by body measurement of formation. We matched with explanation of result and performed meal consultation.

Garbage classification game
We learned right classification by "classification game of garbage and resources".

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