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Do you know "yellow upbound flag?"

Last update date January 6, 2020

Medical institution which we can consult posts yellow flag flag written in "medical treatment" and, at the time of large-scale disaster, will tell.

 In last October, medical institution in ward participated and we went up the cause of cooperation of Yokohama-shi amateur radio communications emergency communication cooperation society, Isogo Ward branch office and carried out flag notice training.
 We established the headquarters on Isogo Ward the fourth floor of the government office, and member of amateur radio communications emergency communication cooperation society went around the ward and it rose and confirmed the notice situation of flag and reported to the headquarters on that day.
 At the time of large-scale disasters such as earthquakes, we set up Isogo Ward disaster headquarters medical care adjustment group, and hospital and clinics in ward, medical institution including drugstore cooperate and support survivors.

State of the Isogo Ward medical care adjustment headquarters
The Isogo Ward medical care adjustment group headquarters

State of training
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