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We visited where 100 years old was reached this year

Last update date September 30, 2019

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We visited five hoped for among Thursday invited 100 years old to in 2019 for three days on 12th on Wednesday on 11th and, on Thursday, September 9, celebrated longevity.
We presented letter from the Prime Minister of celebration and silver cup, message card from The Mayor of Yokohama and handsel. Very take care all of you had nadonoo answer when they asked about the secrets of longevity as "we are not conscious in particular" "should do as it would like".
It may be source of spirit that spends time naturally.

Photograph 1 of respect for the old visit
Sakai. Among Mr. and Mrs. daughter, grandchild, great-grandchilds (was published in town news Kanazawa Ward, Isogo Ward version. We move to website of town news when we click image.)

Photograph 2 of respect for the old visit
Sekimoto. With daughter. We seem to like moving body.

Photograph 3 of respect for the old visit
Watanabe. Songbook seems to be produced now.

Photograph 4 of respect for the old visit
Kurahashi. With Mr. and Mrs. son who can exchange opinions in anything

Photograph 5 of respect for the old visit
Nakagawa. With daughter, son couple

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