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Photospot in front of ward office

Last update date August 8, 2019

ISOGO photo news

 In front of ward office shop front, there is flower clock of about 3 meters in diameter. We renewed taking the opportunity of "garden necklace Yokohama 2018" and installed thing which we installed in front of Shin-Sugita Station in 2017 in last April.
 Flower transplants regularly and plants Marigold, pentasu, portulaca on July 31. Watering has local work place cooperate.

 In front of clock, a lot of people who stop, and take photograph with smartphone come.
 When you come to ward office, please drop in.

Photograph of flower clock
Flower clock (with ward office front tax in proportion to the number of people)

Solar panel
Solar panel which serves a part of the power supply

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