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"Flapped, and meeting" ground golf meet was held

Last update date October 2, 2019

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 "Flap; because meeting" aims at local interchange and development, health promotion through conduct of interchange meet of ground golf, is group which local ground golf club and Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations cooperate, and established.

 "Flapped, and, on Friday, September 13, 2019, cup ground golf meet" was held in Nozomu Sugita Sea green tract of land.
 This meeting that has become postponement of 1 degree with approach of typhoon No.15. There was concern about ground condition by influence of typhoon on the day of the holding, but we wore in soil in members early in the morning and seemed to maintain. There was the worth, too and was able to carry out meeting safely.

 Of "flap meeting" activity still just began. Through various events, we will hope that it is contributed to local interchange and health promotion from now on.

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