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We carried out the training for staff of ward office under the theme of "prevention of administrative target violence"

Last update date September 8, 2020

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 We greeted the Kanagawa Police Isogo police department Community Safety Section, police officer of local section as lecturer and carried out the training about prevention of administrative target violence on August 13, 2020, and 36 staff participated from each section.

 We usually had story that information sharing, confirmation of preparations, manual became important with sense of crisis to cope with unexpected situation from Isogo police department Community Safety Section.
 In addition, from Isogo police department area section, we actually observed practical skill about concrete correspondence such as defenses when we received violence.

 It will comprise so that many inhabitants of a ward come and agency is done ward office and ensures the security of inhabitant of a ward, and appropriate correspondence is produced in the case of emergency.

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