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We held athletic meet in Takigashira Nursery School!

Last update date October 16, 2019

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Worth that how about Takigashira Nursery School yes was performed in garden on Wednesday, October 16. It was chilly and was gloomy weather, but, with support of many people and power of children, it was brightly on spirit day until the end of.
Parent and child competition of 0 years old child to become rabbit, and to work as to mother yes yes, 1 or 2 years old child that we become ant completely, and furifuri does buttocks. We have a cute figure which cries, and clings to mother.
3 years old child transformed himself/herself into colorful vegetables and danced. 4 years old child class jumps across balance beam of altitude of 80cm. Elder group was jump rope and horizontal bar, relay, "unbroken horse" and outstanding performance of Takigashira Nursery School noted product.

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