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"How to get premama soup stock course" by health mate was held

Last update date September 20, 2019

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On Thursday, September 19, as for the Isogo Ward eating habits, "how to get premama soup stock course" by member of improvement promotion society (health mate) was held in the Isogo Ward government office.
We had you participate in pregnant woman and ten master and learned about dried bonito and good menu of how to get and balance of "soup stock" using kelp on that day. As we could utilize even light seasoning to baby food of being eaten deliciously and baby born from now on when we used "soup stock", participants listened to instruction of health mate eagerly. Finally we tried balance menu of health mate specialite de la maison together and deepened interchange.

Health mate told how to get soup stock clearly.

Breast of "chicken breast and vegetables sauteed with gochujang" (the photograph depths) of balance menu was soft and was surprised participants. Person trouble to soak in yoghurt is point.                     

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