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"Meal live course by health mate for student" was held

Last update date November 12, 2019

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On Friday, November 8, as for the Isogo Ward eating habits, "meal live course by member of improvement promotion society (health mate) for student" was held in Takigashira community care plaza.
Ten junior high students participated and learned about "importance of breakfast" or "meal balance" for future lifestyle-related diseases prevention on that day. Afterwards, we performed cooking experience and sampling of "pizza bun" using bread. "It was a chance to think about the eating habits." by subsequent questionnaire "We will think about balance from now on and want to consume meal, properly." A lot of equal no impressions were put.

"Oil is included only in this to french fries."

"Pizza bun" had topping of vegetables and ham, cheese on bread together and baked.

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