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We carried out visit to coastal line company bus tour!

Last update date January 9, 2020

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 We had primary schoolchild and protectors (13 sets of 32) participate in company visit bus tour that Isogo Ward government office carried out on December 26. It is TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. Negishi LNG base that came this time.
 We had you cooperate with TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. for the purpose of having children know activity of charm of ward and company in ward based on inclusion cooperation agreement that Isogo business society concluded with Isogo Ward.

 Which "we were able to know that we did not learn at school" was in impression "that experiment was interesting" (using LNG gas) from children, and impression "that was tour that both adult and child were fun at all" from protector was put.

State of lecture
We learned history of gas

State of visit to yard
We observe the base yard on bus

State of experiment
It is interested in experiment using LNG gas

Display in facility
There was many display to be able to learn in facility

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