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We held Isogo Ward disaster medical care lecture in 2019

At Thursday, October 24 Isogo Ward government office for "lesson by hygiene management - Great East Japan Earthquake in refuge featured the theme of ...", and held disaster medical care lecture. We invited Manager of St. Marianna University School of Medicine infectious disease studies course professor, St. Marianna University School of Medicine Hospital infectious disease center Hiroyuki Kunishima to lecturer, and medical institutions in ward and 74 participants including local various places listened to eagerly. Voice that which "we were useful as we did not hear information of infectious disease to be able to say that it was secondary disaster very much" was useful for "we were able to get idea that we could utilize at refuge" emergency went a lot up from participant.

Last update date November 12, 2019

Lecturer photograph
Mr. Kunishima who says that hand-washing is effective for prevention of infectious disease

Quiz screen
It was instant two hours while we threw in quiz. (answer to quiz is ... third!)

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