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In course of Yokohama marathon 2019, Isogo business society, environmental business promotion committee member, Isogo Ward government office played clean up!

Last update date November 13, 2019

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We cleaned roadside on November 7 just before holding that runner who participated could run comfortably about course of Yokohama marathon 2019 held on November 10 and could support to support comfortably.
Isogo business society, Isogo Ward environment business promotion committee member, ward office perform this cleaning activity by collaboration based on Isogo Ward and inclusion cooperation agreement of Isogo business society.
We had cooperation toward 220 people in all and "the Negishi area" to Negishi station square intersection which assumed in front of Sino-Japanese oirio Yokohama business ground the starting point was divided into "the Shinsugita area" to St. Amakawa east side intersection and cleaned and publicized "beautiful town Yokohama, Isogo" on that day.

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