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Inhabitant of a ward activity support center

About the use of isogo kuminkatsudoshien center: We receive emergency declaration by the government of January 7 and, in the use of noisogo kuminkatsudoshien center during emergency declaration, should be next just what from the viewpoint of prevention of new coronavirus infection. I apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate your cooperation. As a general rule, we have telephone, E-mail, FAX beforehand, and the next agency makes a reservation when needed, and, about consultation about 1 social movement, lifelong learning, please give me the next agency. We do the number of people that is available to 2 at a time lively about contact activity open space with less than ten people. About 3 meeting corners, user per 1 table assumes less than two people. About 4 lithographs, paper fold machine, we do time for use with less than one hour and do with advance reservations system. After 5 use, please sterilize article, machine parts which you used such as table, chair. In 6 use, we have you take temperature at home beforehand and would appreciate your refraining from the use when physical condition including fever is poor. On 7 use, please wear mask. For more details, please contact the inhabitant of a ward activity support center staff. (045-754-2390)

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