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Sports promotion activity subsidy

Last update date March 11, 2020

In Isogo Ward, we raise participation to inhabitant of a ward widely and, for sports promotion group holding athletic meet or sports lesson, assist some expenses of business.

Isogo Ward sports promotion activity subsidy (2020)

Application method

As for the details, please see the following application summary.
Application summary (PDF: 289KB)
When we cannot open file, reference give bottom of this page.
Application essential point distributes even Isogo Ward the sixth floor of the government office Regional Promotion Division.

Application documents

Please submit by copy to the following style after filling out required items.
(1) Isogo Ward sports promotion activity subsidy grant application (the first style)
(2) Group officer list (No. 2 style)
(3) Business plan (No. 3 style)
(4) Business budget book (No. 4 style)
(5) Documents which are similar to terms, articles of association of group or this
One set of application style (word: 29KB)

Submission of bill

After the grant decision, please submit bill.
When account name is different from group name, submission of proxy is necessary, too.
We issue subsidy within 30 days if before business operation day after accepting legitimate bill.
Bill (word: 20KB)

Conduct report of business

Please submit materials which business report, the income and expenditure financial statements, receipt, state of business understand to group which received grant of subsidy after business.
※About expenditure with 100,000 yen or more one amount of money, please submit documents (possible copy) proving expenditure such as receipts in the case of business report.
One set of report style (word: 26KB)


〒235-0016 3-5-1, Isogo, Isogo-ku Isogo Ward government office Regional Promotion Division sports promotion activity subsidy charge
Telephone: 045-750-2393
FAX: 045-750-2534
E-mail: [email protected]

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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Isogo Ward General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division

Telephone: 045-750-2391

Telephone: 045-750-2391

Fax: 045-750-2534

E-Mail address [email protected]

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