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Isogo Ward lyceum

Last update date September 15, 2020

Isogo Ward lyceum was established for the purpose of contributing to improvement development of local culture in 1990 while planning the friendship and cooperation between members. 18 branches are carrying out an active activity now for days including enlightenment, interchange of various classrooms and cultural activities such as exhibition, society.

18 branches of Isogo Ward lyceums

Picture part, calligraphy club, crafts department, literature club, instrumental music part, chorus, arioso, department of traditional Japanese music, gindobu, flower arrangement club, tea ceremony club, folk art region, drama club, Noh song region, folk song, people dance region, Japanese classical dancing region, Western-style dance region, Go region, light music club
Isogo Ward lyceum homepage (the outside site)

isogo art school festival

We carry out "isogo art school festival" with the primary objective of improvement development of local culture every year in each section.
As all parts will carry out various events in period from November to March, please participate by all means.

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Telephone: 045-750-2391

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