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Complaint solution system

Last update date March 18, 2019

In nursery school, we fix the system supporting complaint from user appropriately as follows.

1 purpose

(1) Right protection of user

By appropriate response to complaint, we raise satisfaction to user for childcare service and support right of user.

(2) Objectivity, appropriateness-related security

We secure social nature and objectivity without making complaint secret room and raise trust of nursery school by pushing forward solution by method along constant rule and plan security of appropriate administration

(3) Improvement of service

We consider opinion, complaint from user enough and make use in improvement of service and aim at offer of higher quality service.

Definition of 2 complaints

We say proposals such as complaint, dissatisfaction, opinion, request from user (protector) on using childcare service that nursery school provides with complaint.

The system of complaint reception desk consultation of 3 nursery schools

(1) Manager for complaint solution and the complaint reception desk person in charge are directors.

Opinion, complaint from user (protector) try for reception desk, solution by talks at any time.

(2) The mayor entrusts with complaint solution third party committee member, and two committee members are in each garden.

Depending on request of user (protector) and manager for complaint solution whom we offered complaint to, we perform attendance, advice to both talks. In addition, user (protector) can perform proposal directly toward the third party committee.

Structure for 4 complaint solutions

Structure image of complaint solution

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