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About application procedure for authorization nursery schools

Last update date December 28, 2020

About usage guidances such as 2021 Yokohama-shi nursery schools

The first floor of the ward office, the fifth floor of the ward office 52nd window, authorization nursery school in ward, local child care support base "isopiyo" distribute in open space of gathering of parent and child, and they start from Monday, October 12, 2020.

"Usage guidance, style in Yokohama-shi nursery schools in 2021" from this

Isogo Ward distribution material is this

About 2021 application schedules

≪Primary application≫
■The mail application Monday, November 9, 2020 deadline ※On the day postmark is effective
※When the development of child with a disability childcare, child includes worry, child with a disability childcare person in charge (750-2475) needs prior consultation (by appointment only).
 After prior consultation, please make window application. For more details, please see usage guidance for Isogo Ward.
※When you apply for nursery schools out of Yokohama-shi, please do window application by one week or more of the deadline of municipality with nursery schools to hope for.
※In the case of mail application, the acceptance such as application documents and lack documents centers about entrance application in April and may take several days before acceptance and,
  We cannot meet inquiry over telephone to have possibilities to move documents for confirmation, examination.
  When you hope for arrival confirmation, please use "postal chase service" beforehand.
≪The second application≫
It is Wednesday, February 10, 2021 from window application Monday, January 4, 2021 ※Must arrive
※As a result of primary application, only nursery school which did not reach capacity performs the use adjustment of the second application.
※Person that primary application became reservation becomes a target of the use adjustment of the second application automatically.

About usage guidances such as 2020 Yokohama-shi nursery schools

We distribute at the fifth floor of the ward office 52nd window.

"Usage guidance, style in Yokohama-shi nursery schools in 2020" from this

Isogo Ward distribution material is this

2020 application schedule

Usage guidance (PDF: 333KB) for Isogo Ward
The February, 2020 Isogo Ward child-care facility, business acceptance number of people list [December 28, 2020 update] (PDF: 474KB)
List of child-care facilities in Isogo Ward (whole MAP) (PDF: 10,815KB)
List of authorization child-care facilities in Isogo Ward (PDF: 235KB)

※Person living in Isogo Ward can apply for facility of other wards. You glance through facility of other wards and are going to receive, and please confirm the number of people on each ward homepage.

2020 application reception desk period
The use start month Application reception desk period
May, 2020 It is Friday, April 10 from Wednesday, March 11
June, 2020 It is Friday, May 8 from Monday, April 13
July, 2020 It is Wednesday, June 10 from Monday, May 11
August, 2020 It is Friday, July 10 from Thursday, June 11
September, 2020 It is Friday, August 7 from Monday, July 13
October, 2020 It is Thursday, September 10 from Tuesday, August 11
November, 2020 It is Friday, October 9 from Friday, September 11
December, 2020 It is Tuesday, November 10 from Monday, October 12
January, 2021 It is Thursday, December 10 from Wednesday, November 11
February, 2021 It is Friday, January 8 from Friday, December 11
March, 2021 It is Wednesday, February 10 from Tuesday, January 12

Application to Yokohama suburbs nursery schools

・Application period
 Please submit application documents to application municipality after checking in you with margin of around 10th from the deadline.
・Reception desk place
 We accept in ward office Children and Families Support Division (the fifth-floor 52nd window). We do not accept application by mail. Come to window by all means.

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