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About application procedure such as authorized nursery schools

Final update date April 6, 2021

About use guidance such as Yokohama-shi nursery schools in 2021

From Monday, October 12, 2020, distribution has started at the 1st floor of the ward office, 52nd window on the 5th floor of the ward office, a licensed nursery school in the ward, a local child care support base "Iso Puyo", and a gathering space for parents and children. You.

Click here for "Guidelines and Styles for Use of Yokohama City Nursery Schools in 2021"

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Application schedule for FY2021

≪April primary application≫
※The reception is closed.

≪Secondary application in April≫
※The reception is closed.

Application period
Start month Application period
May, 2021 From Thursday, March 11 to Friday, April 9
June, 2021 From Monday, April 12 to Monday, May 10
July, 2021 From May 11 (Tuesday) to June 10 (Thursday)
August, 2021 From Friday, June 11 to Friday, July 9
September, 2021 From July 12 (Monday) to August 10 (Tuesday)
October, 2021 From Thursday, August 12 to Friday, September 10
November, 2021 From September 13 (Monday) to October 8 (Friday)
December, 2021 From Tuesday, October 12 to Wednesday, November 10
January, 2022 From November 11 (Thursday) to December 10 (Friday)
February, 2022 From December 13 (Monday) to January 7 (Friday)
March, 2022 From January 11 (Tuesday) to February 10 (Thursday)

Application to Yokohama out-of-city nursery schools

・Application period
 Please check with your municipality and submit your application documents with a margin of about 10 days from the deadline.
・Reception desk
 We accept in ward office Children and Families Support Division, 52nd floor on the 5th floor) accepts applications. We do not accept applications by mail. Be sure to come to the counter.

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Telephone: 045-750-2435

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