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Master of cook confectionery hygiene

Last update date November 13, 2018

Master of confectionery hygiene

We accept master of confectionery hygiene license application in Health and Welfare Center having jurisdiction over the Address ground.

Type of applicationFeeAttached documentsRemarks
License application (person applied for newly)Bank payment 5,600 yen

1 family register extract (*) book or resident certificate (thing with mention of permanent address) or certificate of registration matters
2 medical certificates (thing that it is specified that it is not addict of drug, opium, cannabis or stimulant)

3 pass notifications or pass paper (the original)

It is thing of issuance within 1 six months
It is thing of issuance within 2 one month
List correction, driver's license renewal grant application (when there are change of full name by marriage, change of permanent address)Bank payment 2,800 yenDocuments (certificate of family register, certificate of partial family register or partial copy of nullified family register) which prove 1 item for modification
2 driver's licenses
It is thing of issuance within 1 six months
*When apply for thing which had change more than twice in a mass; in change progress it is revealed ※Certified copy or abridgment.
Driver's license application for re-issue (when it is lost or it damages driver's license)Bank payment 3,500 yenIn the case of 1 damage, it is driver's license*Please apply to Kanagawa food board of health (210-4940) for registration number, the registration date after confirmation beforehand.


Return of driver's license

None1 driver's license*When we receive the death or adjudication of disappearance (less than 30 days)
*When we are subject to license cancellation (less than five days)
*When, after the driver's license re-grant, we discover my late driver's license which we missed (less than five days)
*Case by intention of the person

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