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About license application of medical personnel

Last update date February 21, 2019

Other than the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare issuance license (doctor, dentist, pharmacist, health nurse, obstetrical teacher, nurse, administrative dietitian, medical technologist, sanitary inspector, medical treatment skiagrapher, physical therapist, occupational therapist, orthoptist and autopsy qualification certification application) of to live in Yokohama-shi, we perform reception desk desk work such as application of Governor of Kanagawa issuance license (), dietician, cook, the conception adjustment practice instructor, drug handler, radiographer that only associate nurse, old public health nurse, old midwife, old nurse (associate nurse, old public health nurse, old midwife, old nurse handle other metropolis and districts license), the family register correction, renewal grant application, application for re-issue.

In application, application by the person becomes principle, but the next agency, please do identification card which there is identity verification such as driver's license or health insurance card after bringing to prevent application of insincerity by malicious third party when we perform application for re-issue in particular (medical professionals except cook, drug handler license). When application by the person is difficult, the next agency, please do identification card, private seal which we receive proxy after making, and there is identity verification of person of job after bringing. In addition, person of commission receives case with proxy, and please seal in private seal after Address, full name with person of job.

When grant (receipt) by mail of driver's license is hoped for, it deals only with application from the person (in the case of proxy/agent application, we do not accept mail grant). The next agency, please do identification card to be able to make identity verification such as driver's license or health insurance card into after bringing. In this case stamp, envelope, cardboard (intended to prevent folio) affecting mail burdens applicant.

For more details, please see the following Yokohama-shi public health center homepage.

Ask procedures about any unclear points on the telephone.

※Certificate of family register or abridgment changes name in municipality where computerization of family register is made. In Yokohama-shi, all the family register matter certificate, the abridgment become family register individual matter certificate certificate of family register.

Yokohama-shi public health center homepage ("documents targeted for grant by mail and list of postage")To site of Yokohama-shi

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