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Emergency care information kit

Last update date January 25, 2019

We get sick in anyone at home anytime and may call ambulance. In such a case we will always prepare to provide necessary information.
※Ambulance crews conjugate depending on the situation. It is not system to promise utilization.

With approach of emergency care information kit

We can enter container and keep contact information such as family acquaintances at the age of what-if, medical information, health insurance card (copying) and patient's card Shinryo-ken (copying) such as family medicine, chronic disease, remedy medicine, the person photograph in home and are approach to comprise at the time of first aid of emergency.

* Guidance flyer downloading (PDF: 836KB)

* The person information sheet downloading
・Excel format (Excel: 54KB)
・Portable Document Format (PDF: 107KB)
Entry example (PDF: 185KB)

※Let's always update in new information.

How to use emergency care information kit

How to use explanation①②

How to use explanation③④

Q&A of emergency care information kit

What is thing which Q Isogo Ward government office distributes?
It is A(1) indication sticker, (2) indication sheet, four points of (3) person information sheet (4) case.
※As number is limited, please inquire for case to ward office Health and Welfare Division (045-750-2442) beforehand.

Indication sticker illustration(image: 206KB)
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Indication sheet illustration(image: 235KB)
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The person information sheet illustration(PDF: 185KB)
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Case illustration(image: 55KB)
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What kind of Q person can have?
We distribute to person hoped for in A Isogo inhabitants of a ward. In addition, we distribute even Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations unit.

How can I have Q?
I hand at window of A Isogo Ward government office Health and Welfare Division.
Please let know Address (to town, page) for reference on this occasion.
※We would appreciate your offering bags of business taking away.

What should Q do if we get?
Please work in procedure of figure (how to use emergency care information kit) in A. When information that we put in the kit has change, please change in new contents by yourself each time. We do not ask for update from ward office.

Must Q person information sheet be this style?
If similar information is written, it is good not to be this A style. In some Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, we may list similar information in each by way that we devised. In either case, please always update in new information.

Do you put Q why kit in the refrigerator? Are you wrong at another place?
There being refrigerator at home of most of A, again this approach are spreading in the whole country, but decide to keep with refrigerator because many municipalities push forward by method to be able to enter refrigerator.

Do you put Q indication sticker inside of the entrance? We put outward, and may it be more plain?
Because we may push forward this approach led by elderly person and impaired person, by putting this sticker on the entrance outside, depending on A municipality, may be involved in troubles such as vicious door-to-door sales. Please put on the entrance inside from such a reason.

To officers of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations

Each Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations appreciates your usually making an effort for town planning that is security/safety.
As approach of emergency care information kit thinks whether it is with "opportunity" to begin approach such as grasp of people needing some kind of support at the time of disaster, we think that you consider what you work on as Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations.

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Telephone: 045-750-2442

Telephone: 045-750-2442

Fax: 045-750-2547

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