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Please be careful about suspicious calls to talk about staff of Isogo Ward government office or banker!

Last update date December 25, 2018

We give staff, banker of "the staff of ward office Health Insurance Division" and Isogo Ward government office and city and we talk about return procedure for premium and are going to get account number and personal information, and we go to ATM, and designated doubt telephones which are going to let you operate are occurring successively now. Please be careful.
At ward office,

  • We perform return procedure for premium or tax in document not telephone by all means.
  • There is certainly no that we demand contact to telephone (toll free number, cell-phone beginning with telephone out of Yokohama-shi, 0120) except ward office.
  • For receipt or procedure for refund, as for asking to go to place that is not ward office window including ATM, there are never none.

I would like emergency call to the police as soon as suspicious call came.

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Telephone: 045-750-2391

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