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The whole 22nd society

The 22nd general meeting (the whole first society)

Last update date August 2, 2019

We held "the 22nd general meeting"

"The 22nd general meeting" was held on the afternoon of Saturday, April 22, 2017. Four people attended and, after Representative Kobayashi greetings, had held congratulations and best wishes from Saito vice-Director General, and after that the proceedings were pushed forward along program by 92 of 110 22nd inhabitant of a ward meeting committee members and one consultant, administration on that day.

1.Approval of each 22nd committee member

(1) Selection committee report (the committee member election situation)

(2) Approval of the 22nd administration committee member candidate

(3) Approval of the 22nd principal and vice representative committee member candidate

2.Than Representative Arata Kobayashi committee member greetings and ambition

3.The 22nd action program and explanation of execution plan

4.About belonging hope of each subcommittee

In addition, in this general meeting, next was approved as principal and vice representative committee member.

◎Representative committee member (Yumiko Kobayashi), vice-representative committee member (Tsutomu Hiramoto, east Masatomi Kozono, Hiroaki Miyaji)

General meeting was finished with the above, and "the 22nd new committee member workshop" was carried out sequentially for about one hour.

State of the 22nd general meeting

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