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Gathering of 2018 inhabitants of a ward

Last update date December 24, 2019

We held "gathering of inhabitants of a ward" in 2018!

 We got participation of 420 inhabitants of a ward in Hodogaya public hall on Saturday, December 8, and "gathering of inhabitants of a ward" was held in 2018.
 Firstly there were Representative Kobayashi, Mayor Sugai (video visit), greetings of Chairperson Hatajiri, and the whole inhabitant of a ward meeting, environment, education, traffic, disaster, each subcommittee of the welfare, answer (extract) from administration for "local gathering" proposal, request that it was begun to appear and activity report of the 22nd inhabitant of a ward meeting were done than each committee member successively. As for all of venues, it was listened to all announcement seriously, but, at the time of ventriloquism noshinchanno announcement of the welfare subcommittee, laughter leaked out unintentionally.

 And, in dementia preventive exercises that became really familiar, chorus by song chorus of Hodogaya Ward looking forward to all, fantastic performance by Yokohama-shi firefighting musical band, it continued with splendid drill performance by port Angels 119 and exceeded plan for nearly 20 minutes, and "gathering of inhabitant of a ward" was finished safely at 3:48 p.m. In addition, "foods drive" to send to people who needed food which remained at "collection of abolished cooking oil" to utilize cooking oil which we had finished using at sale "evening City" and home as resources and home in popular local vegetables was carried out every year.
 Many inhabitants of a ward who participated in gathering and many people who had you cooperate, thank you very much.

"Gathering of inhabitants of a ward" charge vice-representative Tsutomu Hiramoto

We hold "gathering of inhabitants of a ward" in 2018!

 "Gathering of inhabitants of a ward" is started at 1:00 p.m. in Hodogaya public hall in 2018 on forthcoming Saturday, December 8.
 As dispatch from inhabitant of a ward meeting, the whole inhabitant of a ward meeting, environment, education, traffic, disaster, activity report from 5 subcommittees of the welfare and "local gathering" of this year report answer (they extract a part) from ward for proposal, request that it was begun to appear.
 In addition, we work on "foods drive" "collection of abolished cooking oil" this year at performance, performance of Yokohama-shi firefighting musical band which reached the 60th anniversary of the foundation and reception desk entrance.
 As no charge for admission, application are not necessary, please arrive, everyone.

The date and time:

Saturday, December 8, 2018 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (opening 12:30)
 ※There are no charge for admission, sign-language interpreter


Hodogaya public hall


◆We work on the Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting 22nd and report

 ・Activity report from inhabitant of a ward meeting

 ・Environment, education, traffic, disaster, report of the welfare subcommittee

 ・Answer from ward to proposal, request of "local gathering"

◆Yokohama-shi firefighting musical band concert

◆Song chorus of hodogaya ward

◇We collect food which remained at foods drive ... homes and are activity to send to facility and people needing food.
<food which we can contribute>
 * Canned foods, retort pouch, instant meals
 * Overall processed food, disaster prevention storage product
 * Food which there is more than two months until the expiration date
<food which we cannot contribute>
 X perishables, lunch, food of leftover
 Food that the X expiration date expired
 Food without mention of the X expiration date

◇By collecting collection ... abolished cooking oil (used tempura oil) of abolished cooking oil, lead to weight loss of combustible waste and reduction of carbon dioxide, and green fuel can recycle.
<oil which we can collect> Vegetable oil out of the used expiration date
<bringing method> We put in the plastic bottle and we close cover well not to leak and bring.
 ※Please do not contain water if possible. In the case of expired mint condition, it is just possible.

◇Fresh ground ground vegetables "evening City"

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