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Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting activity contents

Last update date September 13, 2019

The 23rd Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting includes five subcommittees of "environmental subcommittee" "education subcommittee" "traffic subcommittee" "disaster subcommittee" "welfare subcommittee" and, based on theme, moves into action each around once in month.

1 environment subcommittee

Theme "future hetsunago water, green, resources"

Environmental subcommittee started in 27 people of nine new committee members and 18 former committee members.
Theme assumes "future hetsunago water, green, resources", and feature the theme of sub; and "natural environments, garbage problem, Eco problem,"
It continues to the 22nd and will move into action. In June about "warming measures approach" in July "approach of Yokohama 3R dream (slim) plan"
We are assigned to this and, as lecturer, we carry out study session and work on future activity and send ward office's chief to inhabitant of a ward.
Particularly, as we will borrow power of inhabitants of a ward by re-challenges to abolished cooking oil collection, abolished plastic problem, environment household account book,
Thank you in advance.

2 education subcommittees

Theme "child care with the whole future treasure area as for the child!"

Promotion of 1 greeting campaign
We plan further penetration of greetings in area.
We know the fact of 2 educational rights ground
We visit school, educational institution. Traffic accident, cases of child occur frequently recently in the whole country. To protect children,
We think that we can do it.
We know the fact of child care of 3 areas
We research in approaches of each local Neighborhood Association, child society, kids club. It is development surutameno to child care by the whole area
We push forward enlightenment activity.

3 traffic subcommittees

For theme "safe road traffic"

The 23rd traffic subcommittee is small subcommittee of 12 committee members, and theme subtheme continues the 22nd thing,
As for the theme, subtheme is "enlightenment of road safety rule manner of bicycle, walker" for "safe road traffic".
For activity for "road safety of bicycle walker" that is problem from before along these themes subtheme
Towards realization of "setting of model district" that started the 22nd with work more positively all of you of prediction areas
We perform administration, law enforcement authority concerned and enough talks and will plan the realization.

4 disaster subcommittees

Theme "disaster prevention base of family in home of Hodogaya"

"Home of Hodogaya understands self support (we follow command), community support (we keep ourselves alive) from disaster prevention base of family",
We propose to have you practice.
We promote 1 HUG home delivery of cooked foods class.
We promote 2 DIG home delivery of cooked foods classes. As you call for attendance in each alliance Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, please take lectures positively.
As you call for "disaster prevention class" among Municipal Elementary Schools kids club in 3 Hodogaya Ward, please take lectures positively.

5 welfare subcommittees

Theme "welfare subcommittee which learns, and thinks, and sends"

We decided the 23rd activity theme with "the welfare subcommittee which learned, and thought, and sent" and started in 32 people (newly: six continuously: 26).
In the extensive field called the welfare such as aging, isolation, DV, dementia, declining birthrate, person with a disability, home health care of family,
We do dispatch useful happily while learning most as area and administrative pipe position, and cooperating in various members, and inspecting.

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