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What is inhabitant of a ward meeting?

Last update date October 7, 2019

Inhabitant of a ward to "want to make their towns to live in better by their hands" in the inhabitant of a ward meeting is place of talks between voluntary citizens who are independent, and organize, and run.

Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting begins in 1974 and reaches the 45th year in this year. We are comprised of each alliance Neighborhood Associations, committee member chosen from citizen of various cities organization by recommended committee member and open call for participants in two years (possible the reappointment) for term of committee member. Person having various situations and ways of thinking participates, and inhabitant of a ward phase each other talks with about from viewpoint of familiar life, and Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting shares the local agreement formation and problem and is intended that we push forward town development of livable Hodogaya.

As activity content of Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting, there are holding of "local gathering" and "gathering of ward inhabitant" to talk with about, and to perform talks between ward inhabitants about local problems between committee members that we are divided into five subcommittees, issuance of ward inhabitant meeting news "echo".
Content talked about at inhabitant of a ward meeting is made use of in the administration of a ward as request, proposal through ward office.

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