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The 23rd activity theme

Last update date September 13, 2019

The 23rd Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting started activity with new system!

 New committee member attended the 23rd inhabitant of a ward meeting on Saturday, April 20, 2019 and held general meeting. From recommendation 25 including the alliance Neighborhood Associations, various group recommendation 54 people, open call for participants 32, committee member of 111 in total, the election, 23 administration committee members were approved with four of Tsutomu Hiramoto committee member, Masatoshi Nagayama committee member, Yoshio Kawakami committee member, Yoshio Naito committee member to representative by Yumiko Kobayashi committee member, vice-representative, too, and the 23rd officially started.

The 23rd inhabitant of a ward meeting action program

 People with various situations and thoughts participate, and inhabitant of a ward phase each other talks with about Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting from viewpoint of familiar life and shares the local agreement formation and problem holding and is intended that we push forward town development of livable Hodogaya, Yokohama.
 Declining birth rate and the graying advances to Hodogaya Ward particularly environment surrounding child and elderly person becomes severer. It is one of the local problems that the preparation to natural disaster is indispensable to.
 Problem about environment, education, traffic, disaster, the welfare diverges into many branches and works technically in each subcommittee in this term. We love area, and local place "local gathering" solving the problem holds "gathering of inhabitant of a ward" to take up theme depending on good timing. We observe collaboration contract with ward office which we fixed to the 21st and promote rich town development by collaboration with inhabitant of a ward and administration under the partnership strengthened even more.

Theme "let's tie in the future! Like town development ... easy for people; Hodogaya my town ...

 The 23rd Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward meeting reflects voice of ward inhabitant as place of town development for inhabitant of a ward due to hand of the inhabitant of a ward and we aim at town Hodogaya where we want to continue living in forever and work.

We plan the cause of "public hearing, proposal, action, dispatch", collection, exchange, joint ownership of information, and tie basic principles of 1 inhabitant of a ward meeting to action, dispatch through democratic talks and push forward activity.

We do inhabitant of a ward, administration, district alliance Neighborhood Associations (Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations) and various groups and cooperation thickly and aim at solution of carefully local various problems by "relations with a view of face and face" and push forward activity to promote 2 inhabitants of a ward and town development by collaboration with administration.

We hold 3 "gathering of area" "gathering of inhabitants of a ward" and we collect actual voices of inhabitant of a ward in imminent viewpoint and we have we request, and the administration of a ward reflect proposal and local return to administration about important issue.

It moves into action according to specialized fields in subcommittee, committee secondary to the first half year in 4 this term, and the result sends to inhabitant of a ward and associated group and performs issuance, enlightenment activity of conduct and booklet of campaign and will propose about problem to be concerned with administration.

It inflects, and, publication to issuance and "homepage" of 5 "news echo", "public information yokohamahodogaya kuban" and the local media further plan enhancement of publicity work to have you further understand activity of inhabitant of a ward meeting, too.

We further promote collaboration business with ward based on 6 collaboration contracts.

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