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Event that we held in the past

Last update date February 7, 2020

[NEW!] We held renewable energy 100% company Okawa print visit meeting on Wednesday, January 29, 2020!

We held visit party of environmental print and Okawa print which worked on SDGs management positively! We went to Okawa printing in Totsuka Ward by reserved bus from Yokohama municipal bus Hodogaya Office on that day.
We had Yokohama-shi global warming measure promotion meeting secretary general Katsuko Sato do reporting about warming measures in the bus inside of car.

In this visit society, we experienced visit, type printing in chapel in lecture by President Okawa.

We had you tell about thought to hang to history and environmental print, how to work on Okawa printings to SDGs in lecture of president. "We could see and hear enthusiasm of president, earnest state of employees and, from participant, were very good." Some said, "we were going to study myself as Okawa printing pointed out SDGs where we worked on and listened in detail, and interest came out.".

We were divided into two groups and went around the factory by the later factory tour.

In the middle of the factory tour, we were able to perform experience of type printing, too.

Experience of type printing

"We could observe chapel which we could not readily usually see and were studied very happily." We were able to hear impression such as "we are going to act because we could do it as we felt importance of global warming measure again.".

We held "hodogaya eco-sports Festa 2019" on Sunday, December 8, 2019!

On Sunday, December 8, 2019, we held "hodogaya eco-sports Festa 2019" in Yokohama National University.

Part 1: Wheelchair sports GOMI

We add essence of sports to garbage picking, and sports GOMI is new sport to compete for point by team. We performed while getting on wheelchair at this event.
Lecturer is Daisuke Uehara of Para ice hockey silver medalist. Before competition, there was wheelchair class by Uehara, too, and participants learned operation method of wheelchair eagerly.

It is competition start at last if we learn operation method of wheelchair well.

Wheelchair sports GOMI is to clear barrier-free mission without picking up with just garbage, but can win the points.
Some said, "we realized that what took thing in high place in state that got on wheelchair was serious" from participant who challenged mission to "buy plastic bottle drink in step in the first at convenience store".

After competition of about 45 minutes, we came back to meeting place with garbage bag which participants separated.
"It was difficult, but it could cooperate by team to do garbage picking while thinking of person who got on wheelchair and was fun." from participant We had impression "that noticed that it was in barrier when point not to be usually worried about very much including narrowness of way and few steps got on wheelchair.".
Result announcement is carried out in the last of Part 2. We carried out commendation ceremony of "GOMI Prize" 1 team which picked up "overall victory" 1 team, most garbage which picked up garbage, and merged point and barrier-free mission point.

Part 2: Panel discussion

Theme "will enliven Tokyo 2020 meeting from Hodogaya!"

We had Daigo Hasegawa of Rio Olympics triple jump representative from Japan, Maiko Kuge of free-lance announcer go on the platform and had Daisuke Uehara act as coordinator.
Stories useful interestingly including the secret to enjoy pleasure and Tokyo 2020 meeting of sports were varied!

As for "the barrier-free, eyes were apt to go for hard maintenance, but it was barrier-free enough as people in circumference helped and changed that it was connected and, from all of you who participated, felt." We had impression "that it had good to be able to feel the Olympics Paralympics close.".

We carried out "environmental course for primary schoolchildren" on Saturday, August 3, 2019!

We carried out "environment course for primary schoolchildren" in the cause of cooperation of TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. which concluded Yokohama-shi and cooperation agreement on Saturday, August 3, 2019, Hodogaya public hall. In Part 1, we performed experiment using fuel cell or generation experience of natural energy and had you learn about eco-friendly energy although being a pleasure.

In Part 2, we made kaleidoscopes utilizing PE pipe (gas pipe) which became old. We had you learn importance of recycling through easily possible work.

We carried out "Hama wing and visit to recycling port Yamanouchi party" on Tuesday, October 23, 2018!

On Tuesday, October 23, 2018, we carried out "Hama wing and visit to recycling port Yamanouchi party".

Windmill tower

Lecture of hydrogen proof

In Hama wing (Yokohama wind-power plant), we gave an explanation about wind-generated electricity business and hydrogen proof project of Yokohama-shi and observed windmill tower.

Recycling port Yamanouchi workshop

Recycling port Yamanouchi workshop

In "recycling port Yamanouchi" that Yokohama-shi resources recycling business cooperative association ran, we observed facility with jumbo press machine to compress and pack trone and recycle paper which could measure weight of load together with truck in huge lump.

Classification course

Classification experience

We attended course about recycling and performed resources, garbage separation experience.

We carried out "work course using solar cell" on Saturday, August 4, 2018!

On Saturday, August 4, 2018, we carried out "work course using solar cell".



We performed "the current situation of global warming" and lecture of "what can we do now?". By energy-saving introduction to be possible at home, we had you think about warming measures in quiz format.

Electric bulb which generates electricity by preparations, and shines

Preparations generation

"Photovoltaic power generation and generation competition with large preparations generator!" Then we had you sense importance of electricity being generated consecutively bodily and had you acquire custom to value electricity in life.



We made solar grasshopper which operated in solar energy. We compared sunlight with completed thing, and participant was impressed by toy which worked in energy of nature.

We held "hodogaya sound eco-festival" on Saturday, November 25, 2017!

On Saturday, November 25, 2017, we held "hodogaya sound eco-festival that thought about environment and global warming through music of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system" in commemoration of the Hodogaya constituency system 90th anniversary.
Other than lecture about warming measures, we performed concert that controlled use electricity including performance by Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra and performance with "a no microphone no speaker" by Ryuichi Kawamura on that day.

In addition, CO2 exhausted with electricity usage that reduction such as microphone or lighting of host had difficult performed carbon offset to make up for by investing in CO2 reduction activity appropriate to discharge.

The full audience

We had many people arrive and became full on that day.

Lecture about warming measures

Eco whom there is at risk, home that take place when the current situation and warming of warming advance
We gave a lecture on na approach with quiz.

Goods introduction of the 90th anniversary

We performed introduction, sale of goods in commemoration of the Hodogaya constituency system 90th anniversary.

Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra string quartet

In string quartet by Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra bare; clear itself
We had you show three pieces in i harmony.

Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra piano solo

Is piano solo successively, familiar two pieces including Turkish march
We had you play.

Ryuichi Kawamura and orchestra

Performance with a no microphone no speaker

At climax of event with Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
We enjoy performance with a no microphone no speaker by Ryuichi Kawamura
mashita. For singing voice to echo until the next of venue without employing Mike of the audience
All of you seemed to be overwhelmed, too.

Ryuichi Kawamura

"Please continue following rich environment of Hodogaya from now on!"
It is Kawamura in this.

Inhabitant of a ward meeting environment subcommittee

Cooperation of administration is had by all of inhabitant of a ward meeting environment subcommittees on that day

Through ecological concert not to use electricity for as much as possible, it is ring in spite of being pleasure
It was opportunity to have you think about boundary.

●List of sets●
[string quartet]
(1) The Mozart/divertimento k136 first movement
(2) Sound of music medley
(3) Shinpei Nakayama nursery rhyme medley
[piano solo]
(1) The Chopin/nocturne (nocturne) second
(2) The Mozart/piano sonata eleventh third movement (Turkish march)
[Ryuichi Kawamura, Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra]
(1) Glass
(2) Love is...
(3) I for You (encore)

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