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Hodogaya Ward book-reading activities promotion business

We introduce event or course to propel book-reading activities in Hodogaya Ward.

Last update date January 15, 2021

About 2020 book-reading activities promotion business

"Let's send picture book to elderly person" Thursday, January 28; course and Saturday, February 20 "I was sorry at all for reading drama "sunset of noon" by Yokohama dream seat in consideration of your safety which participated from the viewpoint of prevention of new model coronavirus infection spread, but decided to have to cancel holding. I'm very sorry, but we ask you to understand to all of you that holding was waited expectantly for.

Reading drama by Yokohama dream seat performs streaming of "sunset of noon". (January, 2020 shooting @ Yokohama-shi west public hall)
Please enjoy reading drama full of a sense of reality online. (the outside site)

Sunset of noon
Video picture (the outside site) of reading drama "sunset of noon" by Yokohama dream seat

[cancellation] Reading drama "sunset of noon" ... by book-reading activities promotion recitation ... "Yokohama dream seat"

It is reading drama of short story that damaged experience of Yokohama blitzkrieg was written for the cause.

Do valuable experience to hear reading drama full of ... sense of reality, and think about "living" with "war" "peacefully"; do not make the start; or ...

Reading drama "sunset of noon" by "Yokohama dream seat" [cancellation]
DateSaturday, February 20, 2021 from 14:00 to 15:00 (the opening: at 13:30)
PlaceHodogaya public hall hall (1-2-1, Hoshikawa, Hodogaya-ku)

<the original> Shinji Kakei
Kenji of main character encounters Yokohama blitzkrieg near Higashi-Kanagawa Station on the way to house.
We were desperate that everybody was out of himself/herself and ran around.
Kenji evaded way which went to ruin with girl whom there was near accidentally.
That blitzkrieg does not finish to people in town. And color that nohazuno is still empty in the daytime is ...

CapacityAround 300 (lottery)
Application method

It must arrive by Friday, January 15, 2021, and we are applied by postcard or exclusive application form
Postcard: After filling out the 〒, Address, full name, Phone number, participation hope number of people, participant full name (to four people), application motive, 
 It is addressed to 2-7, Kawabecho, Hodogaya-ku ward office Regional Promotion Division "book-reading activities promotion recitation" person in charge
Exclusive application form: Please input required items from the following URL. (the outside site)
※Only successful person will inform by Friday, February 5.

FlyerGuidance flyer (PDF: 562KB)


[cancellation] It is world ... of notice keyo - hirogeyo picture book with picture book for elderly person

Do you not think that picture book is thing only for child? It is charm of picture book that adult can enjoy enough.
Through lecture and demonstration, we lead to the world of the reading talk of picture book.

To elderly person picture book world - offer summary [cancellation] of notice keyo - hirogeyo picture book
DateThursday, January 28, 2021 from 14:00 to 16:00 (reception desk: at 13:45 ...)
PlaceHodogaya public hall 1 meeting room (1-2-1, Hoshikawa, Hodogaya-ku)
Eligible peoplePerson who is going to begin reading talk volunteer, picture book to be interested in to elderly person 
Capacity20 first arrival (we apply from December 15 and start)

Mayumi Yoshioka 
With qualification of care worker, teacher, nursery staff, school library librarian teacher, we do lecturer after the spot experience in school and welfare facilities now at care worker training school and make Book Talk of care with student and send to the welfare spot.

Application method
※Not Available

We apply by postcard or E-mail from Tuesday, December 15 ※As it reached the offer number of people, we finish acceptance.
[the items mentioned]
We specify zip code, Address, full name (furigana), Phone number, application motive
Postcard: 〒 240-0001
     "Let's send picture book to elderly person", and 2-9, Kawabecho, Hodogaya-ku ward office Lifelong Learning Support Section is addressed
Email: [email protected]

FlyerGuidance flyer (PDF: 313KB)

Hodogaya Ward book-reading activities promotion target

"We get close to book, and reading connects people, thing, thing. And people and people, group, connection with facility that began support area with reading in easier town with it is Hodogaya Ward, and connection that assumed book opportunity thinks about Hodogaya that we bring about smile and vitality and promotes book-reading activities.

Hodogaya Ward book-reading activities promotion target cover

Hodogaya Ward book facility guide

We can check place where we can borrow book from in ward.

Hodogaya Ward book facility guide

2019 book-reading activities promotion

Hear on seeing picture-story show oral narration - hodogayano old tale; and ...

We performed picture-story show oral narration by hodogayaekataribe (picture-story show production, oral narration group which digs up "folktale" to reach Hodogaya, and is doing oral narration in each the ward facility) by contents product for children in November for adults in August.
It was very high in satisfaction by participant questionnaire, and there were multiple opinions that local old tale became known and was studied
In October, was going to perform by hodogaya inhabitant of a ward Festival, but caused by stormy weather oral narration was called off because was called off.

Let's speak! Meeting of reading aloud

We read old tale and poetry, literary work aloud with all the attendants not to begin to remain, and to speak, and to do usual times voice including person who lived in Hodogaya library alone with opportunity of health maintenance without being particular about technique of reading aloud.
It was high in satisfaction of participant, and there were multiple requests of continuation conduct.

Gakko Tosho repair volunteer beginner's class course

We held course to have that learned repair method of Gakko Tosho through practical skill for beginners targeting at person who just began Gakko Tosho repair volunteer in hodogaya social movement center hours and people who thought that we would want to do from now on.
Was able to participate by contents concluded with once casually, was plain, and it was high course of satisfaction very.

Take the ease with elderly person and picture book; is already lecture & exchange meeting

We had you perform lecture by Mayumi Yoshioka and exchange meeting targeting at person who was going to begin reading talk volunteer to elderly person in Hodogaya public hall and interested people.
We wrapped venue in bright atmosphere in lecture of Kansai dialect and got heart of participant.
Mayumi Yoshioka: With qualification of care worker, teacher, nursery staff, school library librarian teacher, we do lecturer after the spot experience in school and welfare facilities now at care worker training school and make Book Talk of care with student and send to the welfare spot.

Hodogaya Ward book-reading activities promotion lecture - reading and communication power ...

We invited Meiji University's professor Takashi Saito and held lecture to promote book-reading activities of Hodogaya Ward in hall of Hodogaya public hall.
It was snowfall, but many people who had successful notice were able to have you participate on that day.
We had opinion such as having been lecture when it was unique at all and was fun that satisfaction of participant was high and thought to be heartily to read a lot of books.

2018 book-reading activities promotion

hodogaya school library sight-seeing

We visit school library in Hodogaya Ward and introduce approach and event of school, voice of teachers to inhabitants of a ward.
The first visit is Hatsunegaoka Elementary School.

We heard story from two people of Hatakeyama of school librarian and Mr. Kato of library charge. 
Hatsunegaoka Elementary School is located in the Hodogaya Ward center and is elementary school surrounded by "forest of Murase" full of nature or new residential areas.

[we ask Mr. Kato!]
The person in charge: What kind of book is popular recently?
Mr. Kato: The next book is popular with children.
★Book which is popular in Hatsunegaoka Elementary School
◆"Ghost story omagadoki school"
This scary (ghost or ghost story) is popular.
This product is work which a lot of pictures are easy to read at point that is not too scary.
◆"We entrust you to anteater"
Cover is pretty, and there is illustration in everywhere in the text and is popular.
◆"Harry Potter series"
Is classic, but is deep-rooted; is popular.
There are many children to borrow pocket edition type from.
The person in charge: Recently which; might be?
Mr. Kato: In book-reading activities promotion month of this year (November), we performed "book marathon" with the goal of reading book of each 100 classes.
This carried out from thought to "want you to enjoy that you read book" not the number of books which we read, but was able to achieve in many classes.
In addition, we install computer in library from this year and inflect in classes.

[we ask Hatakeyama!]
The person in charge: What is “ with “ opportunity that became "school librarian?"
Hatakeyama: We wanted to work at first in public library, but when child care was completed, we knew existence called "school librarian", and what thought whether there was such a way wanted to be in opportunity.
The person in charge: Did image that we had before becoming school librarian change?
Hatakeyama: It was image to "work silently in library = quiet place", but, actually, was entirely different.
There was much work to contact with children a lot, and that was interesting at all, and it was not revealed that we did not experience.
Expectation was disappointed in a good way.
The person in charge: What kind of place do you feel worth doing in?
Hatakeyama: Expression of children becomes bright suddenly and is pleased with "such and such!" when we can go through wished-for book when we were asked with "is there such a book?" from children. It is moment to feel worth doing very much.
By the way, children seem to like relaxed atmosphere of library unlike classroom, too and enjoy reading relaxedly.
In addition, we try consultation of the teaching materials to use in each class from teachers hard hard to be able to meet upper k * kotogaarimasuga, request!
The person in charge: What is "recommended book" of Hatakeyama?
Hatakeyama: As the next book is work which we can recommend regardless of age both children and adults, please read by all means!
★Recommended book of Hatakeyama
Boy that this story has severe disability in face,
It is story to go to general elementary school only after making 10 years old. Story is described by plural viewpoints including the person, parent, brothers, friend, bully and is drawn into story more and more.
Please read!
◆"Mumin series"
It is pretty image, but is not only that. Philosophical aspect is included.
Put on view of the world of soe, too and is recommended.

[for the end]
We entered library, and, at first, scene which computer was installed in jumped into eyes.
"Computer in library room which is why? ?" . After as it was scene which I have never seen too much, visiting in teachers,
School library which is important base of book-reading activities is three called "learning center" "information center" "reading center"
To take function of this, and to raise quality of learning more, is kon in Hatsunegaoka Elementary School from 2018
We installed pewter and seemed to inflect in classes. Have not been introduced very much yet in other schools; is new
It is new shiiko with thought, "this scene will be commonly used from now on" about attempt quickly
We were surprised that we adopted too when great.
We asked about various approaches to have two people enjoy worth doing and reading of work of school library,
Children being able to enjoy reading with "relax leisurely" with thought and invention full of enthusiasm if is empty
We felt again.
All of you that you are watching have drop in at book facilities of neighborhood on homepage, too; "leisurely relaxedly"
How about enjoying reading?

Book repair volunteer training course

We held volunteer activity course that repaired book which we could learn from the first person from basics to training clearly.

2018 book-reading activities promotion lecture

We held "book-reading activities promotion lecture" in Iwama Community/Civic Plaza on Thursday, November 1.
Under the theme of "to tie book to with" child, we had lecture from Mr. Michiko Ishikawa.
We had you talk about importance of children's song and story-telling of the infants period, and, in style of reciting that had a gentle teacher, venue was wrapped in peaceful atmosphere brightly from beginning to end.
On the day thank you, all of you who had you arrive.

Story-telling supporter guide course

It lasted for three days and held course that helped volunteer who sent picture book and children's song to local children.

It is children's song together♪

We held "children's song ♪ as event for book-reading activities promotion together" on Thursday, June 7.
<we met in age and season to be able to enjoy with small child introduction of "children's song">

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