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About interchange business with the Republic of Bulgaria

In Hodogaya Ward, we conclude capital Sofia City and partner city agreement of the Republic of Bulgaria in commemoration of the constituency system 80th anniversary of 2007 (Heisei 19) and continue interchanging in various forms.

Last update date November 16, 2020

The main interchange results with Republic of Bulgaria and Sofia City

The March, 2008 first agreement conclusion (culture, education, sports, four items of sightseeing)
It is accepted homestay of five people in May, 2008 by Sofia city
"Photo exhibition in Bulgaria" is held at Hodogaya Ward government office in July, 2008
May, 2009 Kazan easy city "Queen of rose" Hodogaya Director General visit
The April, 2010 second agreement conclusion (culture, education, sports, four items of sightseeing)
Republic of Bulgaria Ambassador in September, 2010 to Japan, Hodogaya Director General visit
"Queen of rose" and Republic of Bulgaria Ambassador to Japan, Hodogaya Director General visit Kazan comfortable city in May, 2012
We carry out in Sofia City visit by the Motoichi staff, disaster prevention-related lecture in November, 2012
The April, 2013 third agreement conclusion (culture, education, sports, sightseeing, economy, six items of business)
May, 2013 Kazan easy city "Queen of rose" Hodogaya Director General visit
May, 2014 Kazan easy city "Queen of rose" Hodogaya Director General visit → State of visit this (PDF: 130KB)
The April, 2016 fourth agreement conclusion (culture, education, sightseeing, anti-crime program, five items of anti-disaster measures)
Rose memory plants a tree in Minister young people, sports Hodogaya Ward visit, Hoshikawa Chuo Park in September, 2016 → State of visit is this
The April, 2019 fifth agreement conclusion (culture, education, sightseeing, anti-crime program, five items of anti-disaster measures)
Motoichi registers as host town of the Republic of Bulgaria in October, 2019 → The details this (the outside site)

2020 Bulgaria cooking class  ※There is change with new Corona

It is held in the second Bulgaria cooking class hahodogaya district center! 

※Held methods may be changed by new Corona.

We hold very popular Bulgarian cooking class this year every year!
Taking this occasion, do you not touch Bulgarian culture by all means?
Stew and pie dishes which are good on cold day are main in December♪
yahiniiya stewed chicken and vegetables with Bulgarian representative traditional dish.

<change with new coronavirus>
・For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, dishes which we cooked become offer by take-out. We do not perform sampling of the day.
・On the day please bring bag, cold insulator to take dishes to go.
(container to put dishes in is unnecessary to prepare here.)
・They take temperature at home beforehand, and with 37.5 degrees Celsius or more temperature, in poor physical condition, please write down participation on that day.
・During course, please wear mask face shield. (face shield prepares here.)

<the date and time>
Saturday, December 12, 2020 10:00-13:00
Yokohama-shi hodogaya district center caboose
<the number of people>
Ten first-come-first-served bases
It is ... in hodogaya district center at half past 9 on visit or telephone 11/17 Tuesday
・yahiniiya (stewed chicken and vegetables)
・banitsua (cheese pie)
・Dessert yoghurt
There is course of lecturer Antonio in Bulgaria, too♪

For more information: → Flyer (PDF: 753KB)

The first Bulgaria cooking class delivers with video!

About Bulgarian cooking class of Mr. Antonio having great popularity every year,
By influence with coronavirus new in 2020 by streaming became held.
All three times delivery! Please try Bulgarian dishes (preparing after the second) at home!

State of past cooking class

We performed display in Bulgaria in inhabitant of a ward gallery in July, 2020!

 🎶 which performed display in Bulgaria using inhabitant of a ward gallery on Hodogaya Ward the first floor of the government office in July, 2020
Bulgarian clothes are ward office paying own expenses. Embroidery is gorgeous. This embroidery seems to vary in pattern by district.
Please see slowly and carefully on this occasion by all means every year when booth exhibited in hodogaya inhabitant of a ward matsuriyahodogaya flower Festa as we display clothes.
If even a little has Bulgaria be interested, triggered by such an approach, we are glad.

We carry out understanding class in Bulgaria in elementary school in ward in February, 2020!

We carry out culture introduction of the Republic of Bulgaria in elementary school from 2016 and visit four elementary schools every year in February, 2020,
We performed announcement of Bulgarian folk music, introduction of Bulgarian culture by Bulgarian.
Bulgaria was apt to usually remember only yoghurt, but was able to know Bulgaria of a lot of charm as well as that.
Bulgarian menu came up in school lunch and saw and heard, and it was at a happy day that we ate on that day.

We showed Bulgarian folk music in the Hodogaya entertainment feast day in the 32nd in December, 2019!

About Hodogaya entertainment feast day that we carried out, we had all of Balkan appear this year every year and, on December 15, 2019, had you show Bulgaria folk music.
Musical instrument using for performance is called gaduruka, tambura, guider with Bulgaria's original thing each.
It was free and easy tone that wanted to begin to dance unintentionally. 🎶 where thank you, all of Balkan

We exhibited Bulgarian booth in hodogaya international Festa in November, 2019!

 Hodogaya Ward exhibited Bulgarian booth in the line waretahodogaya international Festa on November 19, 2019, too!
Display, announcement of France Lyon that was sister city with Motoichi was carried out for facing of booth and was able to please people who came.
It is Japanese speech on stage and world music and dance, wonderful event that becomes completely, and can touch culture of various countries such as photo studio, world stand village in hodogaya international Festa.
If you are interested in, please go to visit every year as you hold in around November. The details this (the outside site)

It is ... with wind of mini-concert - Sofia in November, 2019 in front of hodogaya morning market with ward office

 With morning market in front of held ward office, we held mini-concert in front of the ward office and had you cooperate with Balkan which had been playing the Bulgaria race for many years every month!
Weather was good and let feeling that came to the foreign ground slightly do Bulgarian music to play with holding of morning market on that day.
<the date and time>
Friday, November 8, 2019 9: It is 00 00-10
Open space in front of the Hodogaya Ward government office
<appearance group>
・Hodogaya family brass karugamo corps clarinet ensemble
・Balkan (Bulgarian folk music)
・Sponsorship: Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward school festival executive committee
・The cosponsorship: Hodogaya Ward government office

2019 Bulgaria cooking class

We hold very popular Bulgarian cooking class this year every year!
9.12 is scheduled to be held in month this year ♪ Taking this occasion, do you not touch Bulgarian culture by all means?
Food cooked by boiling or stewing which is good on cold day is main in December♪
kavaruma is stew which stewed meat and vegetables with tomato with earthenware pot with Bulgarian representative traditional dish.

<the date and time>
Saturday, December 7, 2019 10:00-13:00
Yokohama-shi Imai district center caboose
・Pie of pumpkin and walnut
There is course of lecturer Antonio in Bulgaria, too♪

For more details, this is clicked → Flyer (PDF: 721KB)

Cooking class of ... past is ...
・The 2019 first (PDF: 1,204KB) (September 28 conduct)
・The 2018 first (PDF: 1,011KB) (July 31 conduct)
          The second (PDF: 484KB) (September 29 conduct)
          The third (PDF: 647KB) (November 17 conduct)
          The fourth (PDF: 555KB) (February 2 conduct)
2017 (PDF: 877KB) (March 24 conduct)

We exhibited music announcement in Bulgaria and Bulgarian booth in hodogaya flower Festa 2019 in May, 2019!

 We exhibited announcement and Bulgarian booth in line waretahodogaya flower Festa 2018 in Hoshikawa Chuo Park in music performance in Bulgaria on May 18, 2019!
In bandstand, Jordan Markov who played Bulgarian music in the whole country came and showed wonderful performance using Bulgarian folk musical instrument.
We had Bulgarian Antonio and Kiril help in booth and performed stamp experience using Cyrillic which was Bulgarian letter.
Weather was good, too and many people came on that day and pushed own name with Bulgarian each.
As this stamp experience exhibits even inhabitant of a ward Festival, please drop in when you came to play.

Music performance in bandstand in Bulgaria

Booth exhibition in Bulgaria

Attractive ... of November, 2018 ABBA gal quartet visit to Japan memory course - Bulgarian voice

Woman chorus group "ABBA gal quartet" of Bulgaria visits Japan!
In commemoration of visit to Japan, we hold interchange event in Hodogaya Ward.

<the date and time>
Thursday, November 15, 2018 18:00-19:30
Iwama, Yokohama-shi Community/Civic Plaza hall
Folk music group BALKAN performance in Bulgaria
ABBA gal quartet Bulgarian voice announcement
Participant exchange meetings
※What is ABBA gal quartet?
In group of 4 woman chorus group from Bulgaria,
Traditional female chorus that it is characterized by unique harmony of Bulgaria.
From song of tradition of a race to a cappella work by contemporary composer,
We show various music in Bulgarian voice.

No charge for admission (160 first arrival)
※On the day come to venue directly.
※We are going to distribute entrance rearranging ticket at around 17:00.
For more details, this is clicked → Flyer (PDF: 761KB)

State of the day

August, 2018 Bulgaria embroidery experience lesson

A lot of gorgeous embroidery is given Bulgarian folk costume.
We prepared for course to be able to enjoy such embroidery in Bulgaria easily this time.
After having been over, bookmark includes utility as we can use♪

<the date and time>
Monday, August 27, 2018 13:00-16:00
Hodogaya public hall 2 meeting room
・Bookmark making of book
・Embroidery work display of Mt. lecturer beauty ylene
・Stories concerning embroidery in Bulgaria
For more details, this is clicked → Flyer (PDF: 554KB)

State of the day

peteya irieva exhibition

We hold art exhibition of Bulgarian painter peteya irieva.
Please enjoy the world of art that developed from traditional embroidery of Bulgaria.

peteya irieva
<cooperation> The Republic of Bulgaria Embassy to Japan

<the date and time>
Sunday, June 4, 2017 10:00-16:00

Iwama, Yokohama-shi Community/Civic Plaza gallery

peteya irieva arrives, too!
There are greetings by the person from 10:30.

No charge for admission

Flyer this (PDF: 556KB)

Bulgarian understanding course ... country Bulgarian attractive ... of rose full of nature

It is not only rose and yoghurt! We tell about various charm of Bulgaria. While drinking fantastic herb tea -,
We touch Bulgarian culture, and let's become authority of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian image photograph
<the cosponsorship> Hodogaya Ward government office
Hodogaya Ward international exchange corner
<cooperation> The Republic of Bulgaria Embassy to Japan
Sofia family

<the date and time>
Saturday, March 18, 2017 13:00 start

Hodogaya, Yokohama-shi public hall 1, 2 meeting room

About the Republic of Bulgaria
Lucky charm marutenitsua making of workshop spring
Story of Meiji Bulgaria yoghurt
Ethnic dance by SUNBALKAN in Bulgaria
Allied display (folk costume, rose product) in Bulgaria

Participation for free (prior application system)

With herb tea, cake, yoghurt ♪

For more details, this is clicked → Flyer (PDF: 437KB)

Hodogaya Ward, interchange piano concert in Bulgaria

We invite Jennie zaharieva of professional pianist from Bulgaria and hold piano concert.
Anyone is kon by performance of Bulgarian music and chorus with group in Hodogaya Ward other than masterpiece of piano to know
We heap up sato. Please enjoy Bulgaria and collaboration of Japan.

Piano concert flyer(PDF: 768KB)

<the date and time>
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
The 16:30 start (the 16:00 opening)

Hodogaya, Yokohama-shi public hall

Jennie zaharieva
Fumie Fukui
Iwasaki Junior High School chorus club
Song chorus of hodogaya ward

☆★ No charge for admission ★☆

Application is unnecessary
On the day come to venue directly

Flyer is click ⇒⇒ in this ⇒

Bulgarian folk music group appears on Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward entertainment festival

On the 29th Hodogaya inhabitant of a ward entertainment feast day, it is BALKAN (Balkan) and Sato Miyuki of Bulgarian folk music group
But, we do guest-shot. Are you not fuddled with Bulgarian music with taste powerfully, too?

Entertainment festival flyer(PDF: 950KB)

<the date and time>
Sunday, December 11, 2016
The 10:30 start (the 10:00 opening)

Hodogaya, Yokohama-shi public hall

Appearance of BALKAN & Sato Miyuki
We plan around 11:35.
(anteroposterior by progress there is)

Flyer is click ⇒⇒ in this ⇒

On September 26, 2016, the kurasen kurarefu young people, sports minister of the Republic of Bulgaria visits Hodogaya Ward,
In commemoration of Bulgaria Sofia City and the partner city interchange tenth anniversary of Hodogaya Ward, it is planted rose by Hoshikawa Chuo Park
We performed this.

State of tree planting

Rose which planted a tree this time is kind called "damask rose" and seems to be said to be "Queen of rose" because it is said that flavor is the best in rose having of number.

We look forward to that flower blooms!

Group photo

Seven people came to Hodogaya from young people, sports minister others, Bulgaria.

Flower mates and children of neighborhood nursery school rushed in Hodogaya, too and welcomed Bulgarian party!

In Hodogaya Ward, we established "the hodogaya flower charter" (PDF: 240KB) in 1998 and pushed forward town planning that overflowed in flower and Midori and planted a tree at this time
"hodogaya flower Festa" is held every year in Hoshikawa Chuo Park.
Rose which planted a tree this time does the beauty as Sofia City and symbol of friendship of Hodogaya Ward as symbol of "town of flower hodogaya" forever again
We hope that we let i flower bloom.

State of the day

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