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Last update date February 15, 2019

Yokohama nersery room

"Yokohama nersery room" is not nursery school (so-called authorization nursery school) which we fixed for the Child Welfare Law, but we meet standard (childcare charges, childcare environment, childcare time) that Yokohama-shi made originally and are the authorization outside child-care facility which city authorizes and supports. We raise on behalf of protector whom we cannot raise for working or disease in the daytime.
Application to "Yokohama nersery room" goes in each facility. Please refer to facility for the details, the latest information directly.
For more details, please see "list of Yokohama nersery rooms Hodogaya Ward".


Kindergarten is school based on School Education Act (not duty system), and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has jurisdiction over. Raise infant, and, for the purpose of giving suitable environment, and promoting the mental and physical development (School Education Act Article 77), is or more for every standard targeting at infants from 3 years old to before elementary school entrance to school for grade 39 weeks in four hours a day; educate.
All the kindergartens in Yokohama-shi are private. Consultation such as visit, application goes to each garden directly.
For more details, please see "list of kindergarten, Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care Hodogaya Ward".

Custody childcare of kindergarten

Standard education time for kindergarten is four hours, but says system to extend childcare sequentially after normal education time with "custody childcare". We carry out original custody childcare at each garden, but there is custody childcare authorization kindergarten which Yokohama-shi in particular authorized in that. What establishment time carries out during long-term closure periods such as summer vacation at 6:30 p.m. (on Saturday until 3:30 p.m.) from 7:30 a.m. features "Yokohama model custody childcare".
For more details, as for "Yokohama-shi private nursery schools, please see custody childcare business".

Private kindergarten entering encouragement subsidy

We are living in the city, and resident registration is in Yokohama-shi and subsidy is issued according to the citizen amount of a tax of the household for children doing living-in-garden by private nursery school. After enter a kindergarten; apply.
For more details, please see "shiritsuyoyayaentoshuenshoreihojojigyo".

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