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First aid, medical care

Last update date June 12, 2019

Consultation (consultation of consultation) at the time of sudden illness

For sudden disease and injury, we go to medical institution, or please consult with emergency consultation center [# 7119] if we call ambulance or hesitate. In addition, in emergency consultation center, we will carry out medical institution guidance that we can receive then.

Yokohama-shi first aid consultation center

Phone number

#7119 or 045-232-7119

Establishment time

Year round, 24 hours

As for the details, please see page of City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau.

At the time of Sundays and holidays, year-end and New Year sudden illness

On consultation, we recommend that we confirm about the congestion situation and belonging (health insurance card, various Medical Certificate, medicine notebook) over telephone beforehand.

Hodogaya Ward holiday emergency clinics

Medical departments

Internal medicine, Pediatrics

Medical treatment day

Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays (from December 30 to January 3)
Consultation hours: From 10:00 to 16:00


Tennocho 1-21

Phone number


Please see page of City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau about emergency clinics and Yokohama Dental Health and Medical Center on holiday of other wards.

At the time of night sudden illness

There is initial emergency hospital giving medical care of Night-time Emergency Medical Center and Internal medicine after late-night 0:00 in the city.

For details, please see page of City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau.

Search of medical institution

As for the medical institution search in the city, the prefecture, please see page of City of Yokohama, Medical Care Bureau. We can perform medical institution search in ward on homepage of Hodogaya Ward medical association.

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Telephone: 045-334-6311

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