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The contribution results

Last update date December 10, 2020

The situation of contribution amount of money and purpose

I received much contribution from all of you who had you approve of approach of Yokohama-shi, everyone, who loved Yokohama.
We sincerely offer my gratitude for warm feeling that had you approach for Yokohama-shi.

Contribution amount of money in 2019 (from April, 2019 to the end of March, 2020) and the purpose

Contribution menu

The number Contribution amount of money Purpose

We want to support gender equality!
(gender equality promotion business)

One case 5 yen It inflects in the making of workplace and social environment creation which man and woman is easy to commit together.

We want to cooperate with poverty measures of child!
(poverty measures/Yokohama-shi social welfare fund of child)

29 cases 7,393,704 yen Thing, social welfare about the young people, elderly person and person with a disability or business about the field of health, medical care conjugate for improvement of social welfare from child widely.

We want to cooperate with improvement of welfare for the elderly, welfare of persons with disabilities!
(full/Yokohama-shi social welfare fund of welfare for the elderly, welfare of persons with disabilities)

19 cases 2,825,270 yen

We want to cooperate with improvement of community medicine, disaster medical care!
(full/Yokohama-shi social welfare fund of community medicine, disaster medical care)

Nine cases 1,085,747 yen

We want to cooperate with improvement of social welfare!
(Yokohama-shi social welfare fund)

356 cases 3,829,730 yen

We want to cooperate with improvement of zoo!
(Yokohama-shi Zoo fund)

73 cases 2,115,010 yen We push forward maintenance and endangered wild animal reproduction at zoo.

We want to install hamasapobenchi in favorite place!
(health rises promotion business made)

Two cases 600,000 yen It rises and utilizes ken for maintenance of bench on route to have you work on health promotion while enjoying that we walk.

We want to support Yokohama Port!
(the making of bustle with all)

Nine cases 310,010 yen It inflects to create further bustle with all including large-scale repair of Sail Training Ship, Nippon Maru.

We want to support Yokohama firefighting!
(improvement of firefighting power)

13 cases 24,199,005 yen It inflects for maintenance of ambulance and the purchase of equipments for firefighting to improve local firefighting power.

We want to support that school!
(full/school in the education environment-designated)

75 cases 9,989,723 yen We utilize for the article purchase of school so that education environment of children becomes more substantial thing.

We want to support young man aiming at achievement on the stage of international community!
(young man support fund toward the Yokohama-shi world)

22 cases 1,363,010 yen It inflects for support for study abroad, the foreign countries training of the city high school student.

We want to support social movement!
(Yokohama dream fund (Yokohama-shi social movement promotion fund))

475 cases 30,357,514 yen It inflects for grant of grant for NPO corporation which we registered or administration support of social movement group.

We want to cooperate with collection of art!
(Yokohama-shi culture fund)

24 cases 598,864 yen It inflects to the purchase fund of art work to store in Yokohama-bijutsukan.

We want to cooperate with maintenance of small forest place!
(Hajime Mori iron of Yokohama-shi collaboration)

36 cases 2,367,936 yen It inflects for facility maintenance for maintenance of small forest place.

We want to cooperate with activity for environmental conservation!
(Yokohama-shi environmental conservation fund)

Nine cases 6,776,843 yen It inflects to support the spread and practice activity of knowledge about environmental conservation.

We want to protect landmark architecture! We want to make use!
(historic scenery maintenance utilization business)

29 cases 612,205 yen It inflects for setting of "signature, explanation board" to introduce landmark architecture of downtown to.

We want to cooperate with maintenance of way will forest at the head of a river!
(Hajime Mori iron of oldness and way will of Yokohama-shi water)

271 cases 8,216,649 yen It inflects as activity fund of way will forest at the head of a river volunteer business.

We want to cooperate with maintenance of school facility!
(Yokohama-shi school facility maintenance fund)

One case 20,000 yen It inflects in premeditated maintenance, rebuilding, enlargement of school in Yokohama-shi facility to install.

We want to support Yokohama-shi!
() that there is no identification of overall municipal administration (purpose)

19 cases 11,598,692 yen It inflects for wide measure that Yokohama-shi promotes.

We want to support library!
(information about library enhancement)

16 cases 332,000 yen It inflects for the purchase of book of Yokohama-shi ⽴ library 18 building.

We want to support promotion of sports!
(promotion of sports)

Five cases 190,005 yen We utilize for approach to do Yokohama through holding and facility maintenance of civic participation type event for the purpose of the spread, promotion of sports, sports including invitation, holding of international meeting well.

We want to support promotion of warming measures!
(promotion of warming measures)

Five cases 42,005 yen It inflects in warming measures project "Yokohama blue carbon" utilizing marine resource business.
The total 1,498 cases 114,823,927 yen  

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