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Policy of reorganization maintenance of Yokohama-shi community building

In new establishment of rebuilding and facilities such as ... schools, we examine reorganization maintenance that multipurpose decrypt by all means and aim at optimization of sustained offer, regional activation of civic service and facility placement. ...

Last update date April 10, 2019

 Public building of Yokohama-shi repeats invention such as maintenance methods that added the deterioration degree and importance of approach and facility of extension of life so far, and we acted, but building which we maintained for the population rapid increase period will invite time of rebuilding to effective maintenance maintenance all at once in future. 

 It is assets which public building passes more than 70 years, and continue existing, and we will consider enough burden in generation in the future when we stand on that rebuilding such as schools accompanied with deterioration gets into full swing and work on reduction and equalization of financial burden, the most suitable placement of the community building from now, and it is demanded that we connect with coexistence of promotion of measure and maintenance of fiscal soundness in future.

 It is necessary to take in way of thinking and administration of new facility maintenance not facility maintenance, administration like the population rapid increase period that the community building lasts in the future and continues contributing to area town development and community even if there is while society including sluggish growth of the yield of taxes accompanied with change of population decline and population composition and local state change.

 Therefore we catch opportunities such as rebuilding of school and work on optimization of facility placement, efficiency of administration by pushing forward reorganization maintenance that multipurpose decrypt of facility and we provide necessary citizen service continuously and aim at local activation.

We devised "policy of reorganization maintenance of Yokohama-shi community building". (February 15, 2018)

About result of civic opinion offer

Prior to development of this policy, we heard about opinion about draft. Thank you very much.
We settled summary of opinion that we had and way of thinking, correspondence for that as follows.

[reception desk period] From October 24, 2017 to November 27
[the number of the receptionists] 65 number of 32 number of the presenters opinions

Civic opinion offer conduct result (PDF: 321KB)

As a result of civic opinion offer
Correspondence of opinionThe number of the opinions
We reflected opinion and revised draftFive cases
Or it was approved of draft and the having similar tastes effectEight cases
It was objected to draftTwo cases
We refer to in pushing forward concrete approach based on policy24 cases
Policy and question, inquiry that relations are not seen in directly26 cases
The total65 cases

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