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Conditions for use

Final update date April 7, 2021

Conditions for use

CC-BY display

The copyrighted work posted on this site will be provided under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License CC BY display (to display the credit of the work).
The posted data can also be used for secondary purposes (modification). You can create a secondary copyrighted work based on the posted data, but if you edit or process it, please specify the source, state that you have edited or processed, and announce it.

A data catalog is a catalog / index of data that summarizes metadata (name, creator, update date, etc.) related to the published data set (file).

Download ⇒ Data catalog (CSV: 19KB) [Updated April 7, 2021]

metadata data set

metadata data set
weatherMonthly average temperature and precipitationApril 7, 2021 update
Population and Number of HouseholdsPopulation and Number of HouseholdsUpdated March 6, 2020
Population by gender and number of households-administrative districtsApril 7, 2021 update
Population by gender and number of households-choApril 7, 2021 update
Population by age and gender-administrative districtUpdated January 31, 2020
Age, population by gender-choApril 7, 2021 update
Population (Annual)Updated March 8, 2021
Demographic (Monthly)-Administrative DistrictApril 7, 2021 update
Foreign Population - Administrative DistrictsApril 7, 2021 update
Number of households by household numberApril 7, 2021 update
Economic EconomyEstablishments with more than 4 employees-choUpdated January 8, 2021
Citizen's economic calculation (city total production, etc.)April 7, 2021 update
Average consumer spending (working households out of two or more households)Updated March 5, 2021
Consumer Price IndexUpdated May 12, 2020
Ratio of effective job openings to applicantsUpdated on December 7, 2020
HousingConstruction of new housing unitsUpdated March 5, 2021
welfareNursery school / Yokohama nursery room (number of installations, number of enrolled elementary school students and number of waiting children)Updated September 7, 2020
Changes in the number of persons requiring certification for long-term careUpdated on June 5, 2020
social security household and actual staffing changeUpdated May 12, 2020
EnvironmentChanges in the amount of garbage collectedUpdated on December 7, 2020
sightseeingNumber of tourists visitingAugust 7, 2020 update
Fire and safetyNumber of monthly firesUpdated October 7, 2020
Number of emergency participation and transport personnelUpdated October 7, 2020
Number of Cars and Traffic AccidentsUpdated on December 7, 2020

What is open data?

It is expected that the release of a huge amount of public data owned by the national and local governments as open data will be a new driving force for technological innovation by private and non-governmental organizations.
However, many of the public data currently released cannot be processed like a PDF file, or can not be processed without relying on specific software such as spreadsheet, so it is suitable for machine interpretation and commercial purposes It is necessary to make it easy to process under secondary available rules including.
Therefore, by publishing these public data as open data in a format that is easy to process in advance, not only will it increase administrative transparency, but also provide public services through public-private collaboration such as application development, etc. It is thought that this will lead to the creation of services and employment, the promotion of efficiency in corporate activities, and eventually the economic revitalization of Japan as a whole.

To open data

On this site, the Open Data Distribution Promotion Consortium (outside site), which was established by industry, government, and academia jointly to promote the development of infrastructure for the realization of an open data distribution environment, released in July 2014 as an open data guide. Based on Chapter 9, Technical Guidelines for Open Data (Guidelines on Table 9.3.2 Formal Data), it was released on July 14, 2014 as a CSV file format data set.
After that, the Open Data Guide, Chapter 9, Open Data Guide, published in July 2015 by the Open & Big Data Utilization and Regional Revitalization Promotion Organization, which inherited the results of the Open Data Distribution Consortium. Open data is released based on technical guidelines.
Based on the above guidelines, open data is machine-readable, taking into account file format (CSV format), year value (AD notation), unit notation and character code (UTF-8), etc.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons (outside site) is a non-profit organization that is a collective term for international organizations that provide Creative Commons licenses (CC licenses) and their activities.
A Creative Commons license (CC license) is a person who does not know the conditions (credit display, non-profit, prohibition of modification, etc.) presented by the original author (copyright) of the work when permitting secondary use by law. By displaying easy-to-understand explanations (commons card) and marks (CC licenses), the original author aims to promote the free distribution of the work while maintaining copyright. New rules.

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