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Questionnaire (parallel translation of questionnaire) of foreign language

Last update date August 20, 2020

Parallel translation (PDF file) of questionnaire

  • "Parallel translation of questionnaire" translated questionnaire into 27 languages. In reference to this, please fill out Japanese questionnaire.
  • When you do not know meaning of answer method and question, please read "parallel translation of the way of entry of questionnaire".
  • Please mail in mailbox without questionnaire which we filled in being able to enter slim envelope (envelope for mail submission) distributing together, and putting stamp.
"Parallel translation of questionnaire" and "parallel translation of the way of entry of questionnaire"
LanguageParallel translation of questionnaireParallel translation of the way of entry of questionnaire
0.Japanese 00_Questionnaire (PDF: 397KB)00_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 803KB)
1.EnglishEnglish01_Questionnaire (PDF: 352KB)01_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 5,166KB)
2-1 Chinese (simplified Chinese character).Simplified Chinese02-1_Questionnaire (PDF: 299KB)02-1_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 564KB)
2-2 Chinese (Chinese Traditional).Traditional Chinese02-2_Questionnaire (PDF: 360KB)02-2_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 2,564KB)
3.Korean한국어03_Questionnaire (PDF: 461KB)03_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 3,556KB)
4.VietnameseTiếng Việt04_Questionnaire (PDF: 367KB)04_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 434KB)
5.Portugueseportuguês05_Questionnaire (PDF: 350KB)05_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 719KB)
6.Spanishespañol06_Questionnaire (PDF: 251KB)06_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 337KB)
7.firipino wordsFilipino07_Questionnaire (PDF: 281KB)07_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 541KB)
8.Thaiภาษาไทย08_Questionnaire (PDF: 317KB)08_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 1,069KB)
9.NepaleseNepali09_Questionnaire (PDF: 311KB)09_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 452KB)
10.Frenchfrançais10_Questionnaire (PDF: 274KB)10_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 8,238KB)
11.Bengaliবাংলা11_Questionnaire (PDF: 433KB)11_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 424KB)
12.MalayMalay12_Questionnaire (PDF: 983KB)12_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 728KB)
13.Hindiहिंदी,हिन्दी13_Questionnaire (PDF: 889KB)13_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 437KB)
14.Myanmareseမြန်မာဘာသာစကား14_Questionnaire (PDF: 217KB)14_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 349KB)
15.Russianрусскийязык15_Questionnaire (PDF: 261KB)15_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 577KB)
16.Singhaleseසිංහල16_Questionnaire (PDF: 327KB)16_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 412KB)
17.GermanDeutsch17_Questionnaire (PDF: 369KB)17_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 380KB)
18.MongolianМонголхэл18_Questionnaire (PDF: 297KB)18_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 836KB)
19.Arabicاللغةالعربية19_Questionnaire (PDF: 311KB)19_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 652KB)
20.IndonesianBahasa Indonesia20_Questionnaire (PDF: 248KB)20_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 435KB)
21.ItalianItaliano21_Questionnaire (PDF: 404KB)21_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 465KB)
22.TurkishTürkçe22_Questionnaire (PDF: 263KB)22_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 4,380KB)
23.Khmer wordsភាសាខ្មែរ23_Questionnaire (PDF: 308KB)23_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 458KB)
24.Laoພາສາລາວ24_Questionnaire (PDF: 226KB)24_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 397KB)
25.Persianفارسی‌,پارسی‌; Fārsī, Pārsī25_Questionnaire (PDF: 340KB)25_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 727KB)
26.Romanianlimba română26_Questionnaire (PDF: 541KB)26_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 704KB)
27.Urduاردو27_Questionnaire (PDF: 2,992KB)27_How_to_fill_out (PDF: 764KB)

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